Saturday, January 30, 2010

O.D.M: The Return


If Spiderman and Batman Return..then I shall have the returnest return of all the f*** returns since the first mention of the combined letters "R.E.T.U.R.N" was ever recorded...and I'm talking way before the Frenchy's put a "re" before a "torner" case your butthole craves etymilogical pleasures.....

Last time I wrote in this blog I was 23...I was dumb and lost in a very smart way...I mean if you take away the few mediocre yet award winning articles I wrote in 2006...since my last pieces a lot of shit happened, including-but not limited to:

- Iphone/Ipod/Ipad & Blackberries
- Obama
- Harriri visit Syria
- Water traces on Mars
- Swarms of Crazy long bearded Sheikhs that now have blogs (iFatwanizers)!
-Kim Kardashian
- Mapping of Mammal genome
- Glenn Beck re-invented

small foot note: while all this was happening, Arabs as a whole and Muslims specifically managed to go back 233 years back into the anals of History further digging themselves a bigger bacwardedness hole, and shattering the proverbial glass ceiling of ignorance thus further proving their links to Silverback Gorillaz..therefore their only accomplishment is causing scientists concerned with this topic to add Gorillaz, as opposed to Chimps, to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution

BUT now, since I have sponged in some newfound knowledge, and equipped my balls with diamond strength, yet ipod strength touch technology...I am ready to spit some literature like never before.

and unlike the Studios of NBC, I will allow you, my fans to pick the first topic that I should unverginize in my blog after the prolonged freeze...yet again, any new words you find here are not misspelled, or misused..they are just new coined "unverginize"

Do keep in mind: I don't want to discuss pop culture..evaluate porn websites, or teach you how to make 12.99$ from your home PC.

O.D.M is back....

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm not Americanized...Ur just a Fool

"You have been Americanized"

"We've lost you my friend, you have been Americanized"

"There is no use, U.S. Propoganda has got to you"

"If you ain't cunning, you'll be eaten by the foxes"

Before I go off and write on you idiots, let me ask you this...

Why do we expect the United States to be on our Side or Help Us?

I am serious...why? Are we the chosen ones? are we their great grand fathers? Do they think we piss Beer? Or It's written in the scripts of their Great Skull & Bones and Masonic Scriptures? HUH??

Our Governments have been stupid enough to give them what they want (Oil, royalties, obedience....etc) and yet demand the minimum...the same chair in that presidential palace..

We have not been helping our country, why them?

You see, I have not been Americanized, I have been enlightened.

I don't like the American Government, but at the same token I don't see any reason why it should stand by us...or not fuck us and laugh about it...

HEY!! Whatever your Believes are...Humans Are Ordered by Buddha, Darwin, Jesus and Islam to follow their interest, and we don't....pray or go to good to yourself and you won't die....why do we let dictators rape us and expect the U.S to be our saviour?

America don't give a shit...they have to feed and provide oil for 300 million Americans, and Manage 52 States, and cater to their own Fuck off and wake up.

The Reason why America will not help us is the same why your pretentious wise-ass wouldn't go and preach a gay guy to go back to his normal sexual conduct...

Why would you go, and preach heterosexual behavior to a guy you don't know...Don't give that "because I wanna do the right thing" bullshit...I am talking on a bigger level, the world level...that serious reality of limited resources and time management..

In Macro Marketing sense...meaning if there were 5 girls and 5 boys on an island (including that gay guy), You'd be stupid not to encourage him and even the other guys to be more gay and enjoy your self a good orgy and wide range of fruitful

If I had competition and prettier guy with bigger penises, and all the five girls were taken...HELL, I would even grab a banana and start sucking on it hoping to attract and teach those assholes how to be gay.


Special Section for the Intellectually Challenged Readers
If you understood my Islan Example, please skip this section

By Comparing the world and its inhabitants to a small Island with 5 guys and 5 girls, I portray the following:

1-The world has limited resources (meaning that food, oil, drinkable water and other material available now will be over soon), just like if you were on a small island with 5 girls and a couple of trees and some other food.

2-If those people on the island were meant to live there for their whole life, the ones who don't breed (have sex), will not have children. Therefor, there your ass will be dead soon, while the offsbrings of people who successfully mated will be pissing on what will soon be your grave in the continuity, ya 7mar.

3- If one of the 5 guys turnes gay, that means there is an extra female for the 4 other guys. (5-1= 4 Guys interested in girls)

4-Gay guys eat less fat, to stay lookin sexy for other guys...saving more food for you, and probably giving more reasons to the other straight guy who has been having gay dreams lately to get out of the closet

5-Moral of the story: You are dumb, but you have to know that in a world of competition, the idle and too friendly people get screwed.

"...You have became an American"

This is what I hear everytime I go into a political conversation and express how frustrated I am with our failed Governments...

Those stupid people who accuse me of such dissassociation and deviation fail to notice that I never, ever supported nor will ever support the U.S. government...but they do hate it when I curse my governments actions...

You me, our Baathist regime and others in the region have the best propoganda campaign in the world. That campaign taught a lot of donkeys in this region that if you blame your government, you are with the Americans....

We invented the term "you're either with us, or against us"

I always tell those ignorant asses that by spending much of my life in the U.S did not Americanize me...but it did Enlighten me...It taught me something we all know, but never take serious..."Self Interest"

SELF INTEREST 101: God Bless Me, Fuck Everybody Else.

ARABISM101: Unity, Peace, Equality, Prosperity, Love for All.....zzzzZZZZZZZZzzzZZZZZ

Since our failed brothers in the fucked up backstabbing so-called Arab world have failed us in everything from rooting against us in football matches to unilaterally withdrawing from liberation wars and other fundemental treaties...I say it is not only the time to give up this "Arabism Bullshit", but it is time to lubricate some Fingers and Fondle with some Brotherly Arab Ass....

To me, it's payback time bitches....

You see, I may be talking about a couple of points, but all those small brown points make up my big shit, my main idea.

You assholes, it is no wonder why Universities with budgets that surpass our countries national income pride themselves with diversity...

There is no need to wonder why people who are well-travelled are more sought after for employment,

It is no wonder why people who have experienced the world know better than a Stupid ass Arab with a rotten cause!

People who are not after their national interest are not my friends....

and when I support changing our regime and looking after Syria I am not being an American...I am being More Syrian than your grandfathers' persian-rug-look-alike moustache...

Go play someplace else...

Syria Forever


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The One & Only Returns

Dear Obedient Mofos......

JUST IN case you forgot, I am The One & Only, The Illustrious Disobedient Mofo, A.K.A Fidel KashFlo, The Last One Standing, 47, G-Killa, Murda-V, Syrial Killa, The Upsettor, The Last Real G Alive amongst other names...

I proudly am the original founder of the highschool gang that reached unprecedented regional levels, the J.M.A, or "Jama3a M2ayra Ma3on", terrorizing teachers, and blackmailing good transcripts.....

I am the Foresee-or, ImpliMENTOR, dediCATOR...and undisputedly the worst Disobedient Motherfucker you will see in this life, or your soon-to-be-in-a-rotten-grave with only a picture of your politically-useless life to remind your relatives...who will also forget about you in about 6 months to a year...

I not only watch what is happening, I know what is happening, and I take part in what is happening...

I predicted the Harriri Murder, Ghazi Kanaan Murder, The Belated Investigation, the war in Lebanon and your daddy's trans-gender surgery...I don't need to show you a proof...go somewhere else, or take some time and research my earlier posts.

My balls are made of Carbon Nanotubes: A diamond cutting, super-strong light futuristic material that can penetrate a stubborn pre-historic Kurdish person's fossilized skull... and drill holes to dig up the untapped oil deeply imbedded in the Pole of the northern hemisphere.

My balls' material has only been duplicated in CERN labs in Switzerland, 600 Metres below see level, in the same Triple-Glazed Underground Silos they keep the next World Piff-Paff (Raid), the Anti-Matter.

After this humble re-introduction, my generous ass would like to briefly share with you an argument I had with a Lebanese Middle-Eastern optimist.. Who had the audacity to tell me that the New Saudi, UAE, new Lebanon will provide a modern example to the Middle East, swaying Arabs from the backwardness..and ushering them into the new world.

He argued that only by the help of the prospourous, pro-western, Israel-friendly Lebanon...the Arab world would be fine..

he added that that's why it is the most sought after destination in the Arab world...

He talked of the freedom of press, prostitution, and open minded traits of the lebanese society....

blah blah blah, tomato tamato, Playstation, Omlette Du fromage...bullshit wrapped in pita bread...

As you know me, as THE ONE & ONLY DISOBEDIENT MOFO, I would NEVER lower my self and utilize my artful skills, knowledge and counter that ignorant fuck who's picture appears on ...

I mean if they were people in there, maybe I'd show off and throw and make that fool sound like an illigitimate son of King Fahd or something like that..

But instead... I gave Bozo the Clown one of my vintage 1997 mean looks... warning him as he was speaking that I am going to humiliate him in 17 seconds, and make him look like he has just been caught pleasuring himself to cartoons by his mom as it was sadly unstoppable due to premature ejaculation, infront of the girl he has been desperately trying to take out and impress all night...

I just advised the Trend-following metrosexual to go ahead and start what has already started in San Diego and Boston, and begin the full-westernization campaign to go infront of Lebanon's Parliament in Rainbow-Colored suite and start the big battle of allowing Gay-Sex marriage..

I also told him the his fruity shirt he was wearing would help in the agenda, and set the tone for a happy ending.

I also was specific on inheritence issues between same sex couples: The Taker in the Relationhip would take 57%, and The Giver would be eligible for 43%, in case one of them should die before the other. Givers and Takers to be calculated as an average for the duration of the relationship.

You should have seen the color of his face...I caught him off guard, I could swear that his face had the colors of my balls..they have been awefully blue during Ramadan..

Coversation Ended right there.

Syria Forever,


Sunday, July 30, 2006

What are the Saudis Doing with their Money and Arab Ass?

Saudi Arabia Donates More than 6 Million Dollars to LSU (Louisiana State University)

Saudi Arabia Buys more than 5bn Dollars worth of American Weapons and Systems

Saudi Arabian Ruling Government can eat my poop

There was a time when having an oil embargo was an option on the table…

There was a time when people used to look for a Saudi influence in the region…

Seriously, I am mentally constipated, creatively de-motivated, and emotionally disturbed-fuckingdated…

All I can say, is that, Saudi Arabia State of America, the Arab world………

I am speechless, I can’t write anymore….

Thursday, July 20, 2006

No Comment

Little Israeli Bitches Writing a little note to the soon-to-be-dead-Lebanese Girls

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poor Lebanese

What a fucked up situation they are in….

Every year or somebody fucks up their long term plans…whether reaching stability or financial prosperity…

Not too long ago… Syria shakes the country…now Israel is doing the same thing..

I seriously feel bad..

I bet there is a guy called Charbel right now asking himself:

“Why can’t we all go to B.O-18, have a drink and love each other?”

This is not your everyday escalation…

Now, you will see demonstrations in Lebanon against Hizbollah, angering the Shiites for dissing, prompting them to retaliate for offending their Marje3, Sheikh Hassan Nasralla..

God Bless America, and Nobody Else (Except Israel)

Syria Forever

More to follow!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Down Low

Dear Obedient Disobedients,

Thank you for your emails and comments asking where I have been....

I haven't died or turned to Sikhism nor in jail....

I just haven't been pissed off to write...I haven't been pissed off for three reasons:

1- Because Work hasn't sucked lately
2- There are no new news in Syria
3- I got numbed out and became like an American when I hear that a fellow Arab dies or gets arrested in Syria, Palestine Iraq or anywhere else...

But I am writing today because I am sincerly pissed off that:

My vision of the Disobedience Movement has died down, a large part of it is due to me, and the other part is because of me also...

I got stuck to my boo, Madden 2006, going out, and other business that may relocate me to the other half of the world....

I don't really feel like I'll summarize what I have seen and thought lately:

1-Michael Savage and Bill O'rielly are douchebags, I managed to call both of them, and the screener didn't even let me through..imagine...freedome of speech.

2- I went to Syria lately and:
-People in Damascus think it is Geneva, sitting in the cafes in nice weather...dressing up in Moschino T-shirts designed after the Italian team...drivin hot nice cars....
-More girls in Syria lost their virginity before mariage, go out and get drunk till 4 am, and show more skin...and like my past article, this has really ignited our tourism, last time I checked, in April and May, we got 600,000 tourists, more than what we had in 6 months last year. A good looking classy non virgin girl was a treasure in Syria to guys, they used to follow her in the streets, buying her whatever she we have as many non-virgins in Syria as we have camels between Apamea and Palmyra.
-The Damascene accent tone is toning down amongst the elite Damascene people, and for the first time ever, damascene people acknowledged and finally declared that my accent is the best accent in the Middle East...
- There is shit loads of money in Damascus.....

to be continued...