Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Down Low

Dear Obedient Disobedients,

Thank you for your emails and comments asking where I have been....

I haven't died or turned to Sikhism nor in jail....

I just haven't been pissed off to write...I haven't been pissed off for three reasons:

1- Because Work hasn't sucked lately
2- There are no new news in Syria
3- I got numbed out and became like an American when I hear that a fellow Arab dies or gets arrested in Syria, Palestine Iraq or anywhere else...

But I am writing today because I am sincerly pissed off that:

My vision of the Disobedience Movement has died down, a large part of it is due to me, and the other part is because of me also...

I got stuck to my boo, Madden 2006, going out, and other business that may relocate me to the other half of the world....

I don't really feel like I'll summarize what I have seen and thought lately:

1-Michael Savage and Bill O'rielly are douchebags, I managed to call both of them, and the screener didn't even let me through..imagine...freedome of speech.

2- I went to Syria lately and:
-People in Damascus think it is Geneva, sitting in the cafes in nice weather...dressing up in Moschino T-shirts designed after the Italian team...drivin hot nice cars....
-More girls in Syria lost their virginity before mariage, go out and get drunk till 4 am, and show more skin...and like my past article, this has really ignited our tourism, last time I checked, in April and May, we got 600,000 tourists, more than what we had in 6 months last year. A good looking classy non virgin girl was a treasure in Syria to guys, they used to follow her in the streets, buying her whatever she we have as many non-virgins in Syria as we have camels between Apamea and Palmyra.
-The Damascene accent tone is toning down amongst the elite Damascene people, and for the first time ever, damascene people acknowledged and finally declared that my accent is the best accent in the Middle East...
- There is shit loads of money in Damascus.....

to be continued...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed. I have no doubt that people in Syria think that Damascus is Geneva, but what do you personally think? Regarding the issue of non-virgin Syrian girls, I got few questions and I hope you can clearify them for me. First, what is percenatge of non-virgin girls in the Syrian society in general or at least among "liberals" and "upper classes" which might be more relavent? Some of my friends in Syria talk about significant increases in the numbers of non-virgin girls but I was not very convinced. You made a conncection between thie "openness" and tourism. I hope that these girls are not loosing these virginity for outsiders and in exchange of money. I also also think that it is unfair that we hold girls responsible for this phenomena while we let the guys get away with it. Do you or other Syrians see this as a problem, and (if yes) how should we react to it? Thanks.


2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bury me smillin' with G's in my pocket have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it...

Lool...i read ur post "Men r not women...Women are not men"...and this post...well it's shockingly true...we've reached a time were i say more than 50% of girls are engaged in some kind of sexual activity before marriage...losing virginity is still a big deal to most girls but...i feel like i wanna throw up right now...but like Mr. Sam takes two and girls shouldn't be held all the responsibility for freaks me out sometimes how am i gonna raise my kids one day boys or girls will it's so damn hard it makes me despise the idea of getting married n' having am i gonna trust my future husband how am I gonna trust my kids...ppl should have control over themselves even guys cuz we are not animals we have a brain JUST USE IT DAM am going to throw up for real :S


7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thin' this picture u it a hand or what exactly?!!!

7:05 AM  
Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Innocent_Criminal said...

Let the hos I used to know from way before kiss me from my head to my toe

You’ve posted the same post twice in a row.

And I don’t think the virginity issue is a sign of anything negative. If anything more sex needs to be happening in Syria. I don’t mean they should become sluts but unfortunately that’s the image old-minded ppl paint of women. But there has to be more responsible social liberation in the country.

8:20 AM  
Blogger O.D.M said...


I don't hold girls responsible!

As a matter of fact, I don't think this is wrong!

I think I said t in a very positive matter..

and indeed,the increase in women's "opennes" is directly related to increase in tourism in third world countries...

And those girls that I meant are really not prostitues at all! they are classy girls who just said what is the difference between a blow job and a good sex? that little hymen? fuck it...

they absolutly dont do it for the money.

I.C, please let me know when I poisted the same post twice..

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We gotta start makin' changes...learn to see me as a brother instead of 2 distant strangers...and that's how it's supposed to be....How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me?...

For God sake....what are you guys trying to do?!...u would make some good pimps around here u know!...STOP IT...NO!...THERE'S NO NEED FOR MORE SEX TO HAPPEN AROUND HERE!...n' ya those girls are sluts no matter what r u tryin' to say...

Hey MR. ODM u r contradicting ur self...i thought u w'd beat up ur girl n' her guy if (u know ur words better)...n' what about self control n' shit...FUCK IT...N' FUCK U GUYS...

3:37 AM  
Blogger O.D.M said...


I am not contradicting myself...

I wouldn't mind when girls open up as opposed to cover up from head to toe...

Each country has its good girls, bad girls, and real sluttly hoes...I just want our slutty hoes to be as classy as other countrier's ones...this will be better for all of us...

I don't want slutty hoes that wear 1989 rock washed jeans, I don't want them to wear Hindam wool tops and adidas tighs bottoms, no rain or chinese shoes....and definately don't want them to smoke HAmra cigarettes and hide them in their socks....

Why can't they be classy!??! wer can't run away from hoes! Saudi Arabia has hoes...make them useful!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess you would make a good high-class pimp and hoes mentor...

And was obvious that u two guys were talking about normal girls n' not hoes(Quoting: Not doing it for money)...

Am not that in when it comes to hoes culture in Syria but am sure there's a lot of classy bitches around here that suit your exceptional taste!...
But when you talk about how normal girls should open up and have more sex...that's sick :S...and it's happening already and it doesn’t need any more encouragement from either of you...

I really don’t care what you'll say now...but I just can't stand there and say nothing about it...
NO it's not OK for girls to have sex any kind of sex...we are not animals...and where's the fear of God...this is not a jungle!...i mean you still can fuck any bitch you want it's ok have fun n' hope she's worth every penny...but leave the other non working girls alone...just imagine that some dump girl stumbled on your blog and thought that maybe you could be right...and then she got out and got it cool is that!...your gonna be so proud on judgment day!...good for you Mr. "am horny n' I know it all"...


3:25 AM  
Anonymous The One and Only said...


I want virgins and non-virgins to keep on doing what they do...

to me, a covered girl who gives blow and hand jobs in public gardens is as non-virgin as a girl who has sex frequently.

I encourage logic, not pimping...even though I'd make a really good pimp


12:41 PM  
Blogger Zenobia of the East and West said...

'Sharks' here is an asshole.
You want to divide the world into 'bitches' and then the 'non-working girls'? YOU are fucking asshole. women are women, asshole.

and frankly, yes as humans we have brains, but i hate to break the news to you..... , but our sexuality has a lot in common with the damn animals. And so lets not deny it. People need to have sex, and i don't think any god is against it.

Honestly, of course, many women in Syria are having sex (all you have to do is talk to the men who are....and the damn math!)
So, ODM here is just saying lets stop being hypofuckingcrits and let people, women and men, have sex in a normal way. who the fuck said anything about being sluts? nobody.
Yeah, a blow job is sex, and even making out is sex. so stop pretending it isn't and stop pretending that this has to be suppressed.
the ME needs to get over the stupid ass virginity thing.

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well am 100% that both are the same and sure u want them to keep doing what they r doing or it w'd be the end of the world to u Ma?!!!...

Maybe cuz ur living abroad it's been a while since u heard the Arabic word of pimp = 3arsa ...sounds better ha!...

Am gonna stop this bullshit cuz it's exactly like talking to a stinking wall...u know these smelly walls that cab drivers take a piss on...that kind of walls... but please try to keep in mind that we are all responsible for everything we do and every single word we say...and if it's true what they say "what goes around comes around" well it's a dam day u'll find urself a fine hoe to marry and produce some fine hoes n' pimps into our bright world...who cares about poverty n' hunger and who gives a shit if they never find a cure for HIV and cancer...apparently not you!...


8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Zanobia,

Well making out is sex. Am with you on that n' no one is pretending it isn't...
But what am trying to say that the situation is bad enough not to encourage at least give it a rest...
And when it comes to God having nothing against it!...well I guess it depends on which God we are talking about...


8:17 AM  
Anonymous 2pac lines 4m Sharks said...

I see mothers in black crying
Brothers in packs dying
Plus everybody's high
Too doped up to ask why
Watching our on downfall, witness the end
It's like we don't believe in God cause we living in sin
It was more than a tragedy
Emotions be grabbin' me
Plane fell from the sky
We tryin' to figure what happened
Burnin' churches, fearin' God
Who can be so cruel
We all ignorant to AIDS
Till it happens to you
What are we livin' for
Givin' more back than takin'
On my knees still waitin' for my own salvation

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U guys should take it easy on Sharks. I see nothing wrong with what she believes: we still to disniguish ourselves from animals. Why do we consider ourselves distinct from animals in almost all aspects of life but when it comes to sex we are no different?
I think sex is solely a personal decision and there should be no laws that prohibit it or punish people (ummarried) for doing it (like stupid Suadi Arabia and Iran). If poeple in Syria want to do it, let them do it. However, this doesn't mean that we need to encourage it or put a poisitive spin on it. Syria indeed needs to open up in many ways not just by sex.


1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude you are funny...

I gotta give it to you... I just read your Condolizza Rice have it in ou bro....

You speak for many of us...very well well, that nobody else can say it like that...too serious and firm, yet tooo fucking funny!

Another Disobedient

1:28 PM  
Blogger Mr.B said...

Oh boy we have hoes here... But they're classy... really :)
You should go to these clubs, Basement and B018 and see how classy (and how ligthly) they dress. Almost naked but still classy.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Mr.B said...

"I hope that these girls are not loosing these virginity for outsiders and in exchange of money."
If they're like lebanese (and I think they are), definitely not...
The comment that I hear the most often from tourists here is:
"The girls here are so hot and dress like sluts... but I could not touch any of them... why??"

4:58 AM  
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