Saturday, January 30, 2010

O.D.M: The Return


If Spiderman and Batman Return..then I shall have the returnest return of all the f*** returns since the first mention of the combined letters "R.E.T.U.R.N" was ever recorded...and I'm talking way before the Frenchy's put a "re" before a "torner" case your butthole craves etymilogical pleasures.....

Last time I wrote in this blog I was 23...I was dumb and lost in a very smart way...I mean if you take away the few mediocre yet award winning articles I wrote in 2006...since my last pieces a lot of shit happened, including-but not limited to:

- Iphone/Ipod/Ipad & Blackberries
- Obama
- Harriri visit Syria
- Water traces on Mars
- Swarms of Crazy long bearded Sheikhs that now have blogs (iFatwanizers)!
-Kim Kardashian
- Mapping of Mammal genome
- Glenn Beck re-invented

small foot note: while all this was happening, Arabs as a whole and Muslims specifically managed to go back 233 years back into the anals of History further digging themselves a bigger bacwardedness hole, and shattering the proverbial glass ceiling of ignorance thus further proving their links to Silverback Gorillaz..therefore their only accomplishment is causing scientists concerned with this topic to add Gorillaz, as opposed to Chimps, to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution

BUT now, since I have sponged in some newfound knowledge, and equipped my balls with diamond strength, yet ipod strength touch technology...I am ready to spit some literature like never before.

and unlike the Studios of NBC, I will allow you, my fans to pick the first topic that I should unverginize in my blog after the prolonged freeze...yet again, any new words you find here are not misspelled, or misused..they are just new coined "unverginize"

Do keep in mind: I don't want to discuss pop culture..evaluate porn websites, or teach you how to make 12.99$ from your home PC.

O.D.M is back....


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Like i said, i can go on and on for days giving you more & more & more examples of the gradual demonic end-game these M.A.D. are playing with us. But like i said, i think you all reading this get the picture. And by the way, i am a Dr. and guess what? I DO NOT WORK FOR THE M.A.D. OR HAVE SOLD MY SOUL TO A DEMON! But....i live in virtual poverty somewhere on this planet with a family to feed and barely scrape by. And IF you think that sounds bad, well, this AIN'T nothing compared to what the M.A.D. have in store for ALL of us in the aforementioned countries (and more) i listed. And again, ALL their moves are subtle and gradual like a chessgame being played out with the regular folks as the pawns.

I sometimes WONDER WHY the regular folks in these countries NEVER do ANYTHING TO STOP these demonic morons. It doesn't matter IF you vote Republican or Democrat because from those 2 choices, they are BOTH a part of M.A.D. Same with Canada and their Liberal or Conservatives...same M.A.D. , and on and on and on. I sometimes NEVER see ANY of these M.A.D. criminals go to trial or imprisoned for fraud on the people yet IF little billy J-Walks across a bussy street he gets a ticket he must pay! When will Bush Jr. & Cheney and ALL those involved in blowing up 3 buildings in Manhattan and blaming it on Arabs EVER be brought to justice? NEVER because when it FINALLY is discovered what they did, they'll be safely dead from old age and the vast majority of the people in the USA will be soooo brainwashed with NO moral/familiy values they will have already taken up the 666 mark and be worshipping the anti-christ.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Pedro Garcia Millan said...

Sometimes it makes one wonder WHY there are NO good people that will step up (with God as their guide) and put a STOP to these M.A.D.?? That is one of the BIGGEST questions i ask myself almost everyday! Maybe people are SCARED? Maybe they are waiting for God to MAGICALLY guide them without realizing that God doesn't work in that manner/way.

I just HOPE somebody puts a STOP to M.A.D. or we are ALL going to be really in BIG trouble!

The above is a LOT to think about, believe me, i have been living it since 2005, and jobless to boot! And i am a Dr. so go figure?? But i WILL NEVER SELL MYSELF TO A DEMON OR THE M.A.D. so how about them cookies :)

Peace be unto you and please WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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