Friday, August 05, 2005

Theory of Organized Prostitution

After spending some time in the Motherland, O.D.M noticed the following:

- Syrians are getting more paid, more educated, and intoxicated.
- Less people are wearing the shoe-hatta, the shoe turned into slipper. Which is a better indication of improvement in Syrian Standard of living than the National GDP.
- Nobody is scared of a regime change, since they all know that Israel, The U.S, and the world, don't want the Muslim Brotherhood to take over, since the Bin Laden Brotherhood are the only ones with a well established (Riyadh Style) agenda.

HOWEVER.. 1+1=2

With well over 200,000 adolescents graduating high school every year, and a population growth rate of 3% annually, the situation looks as bad as monkey wearing lipstick and a string.

The Economy is going down faster than a fat man on a strict banana diet taking a shit. International sanctions are in the near horizon, and the Economy needs a phenomenal and rapid push.

O.D.M's Theory of the day: Organized Prostitution

Fact: Organized Prostitution ignites tourism, revives feminism, absorbs stress, employs more citizens, and encourages capitalism. (Notice the rhyme)

O.D.M acknowledges the ethical and religious complications, but he also wants to disentangle what is tangled. Prostitution happens in the Vatican, Mecca, and right in the middle of your house.

1+1= 2

Syria is struggling to get more than 300,000 Tourists a year! WHAT! O.D.M alone had more than 30,000 people come over his house last in the year 2004. (None of which were prostitutes!).

Clean the nasty Marjeh Square, throw all this nomads out, refurbish the buildings, give more Visas to Russians, and stop scaring the village women and Hajji girls from All the surrounding areas

Establish a strict crash course in Prostitution Etiquette, teach the bitches how to dress, strip, keep things on the down low and do their job in a standard that matches Amsterdam's Red Square.

Then Establish the Chamber of Prostitution, where all of them bitches meet, and preserve their legal rights. It is also crucial for piling up a Prostitution Yellow Pages, for those who want to do it at home, with nobody noticing.

Once all that is in place, watch how the Cheap ass Saudis and others that we get will be replaced by the richer ones who are willing to spend more money in Syria for a good bitch that makes them feel like 20 again.

Watch Foreign investors recognize the potential in Syria and raise their stakes and investments in Hotels and infrastructure.

Watch how less people bring kids. Once they have a drain for their endless supply.

Watch how decent girls who wear tacky clothes in Syria will stop feeling bad, once they really know what Prostitutes looks like, that will make them fear God more.

At the end, Syria has to find a solution to its economy. Even if the whole economy is opened, and corruption ended, we are expecting an international sanctions on Syria, which will deem all these reforms useless. Syria can be the number one tourist destination in the world, if we build the right infrastructure. Prostitution is the most important factor in Tier 1 Tourism (the tourists that spend the most money during their stay). Look at Lebanon, Amsterdam, London, Miami, LA, what is their most common denominator? More Prostitutes than Public Bathrooms.

O.D.M to the Mother Land

[FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE]--O.D.M Headquarters August 5, 2005-- the one and Only O.D.M is going to the Mother Land, and will not be in touch with the Coalition of the Civil Disobedient Mofos for atleast another four days. Feel Free to Comment on this Blog, and avoid being gay in your comments.


O.D.M Hometown: Homs (Emissa)

I don't know why, but I feel like I need to post this.. (Courtesy Maddox)

O.D.M Being Generous-With a sneak Peak of 8-fold plan

O.D.M Uncovers hidden agendas

O.D.M cannot deny uncovered conspiracy theories, theories that changed the maps, cultures, and way of life in the Middle East and across the world. Hidden agendas, secret pacts, plans, covert operations and veiled intentions have been in use ever since the caveman “Ogg” convinced his woman prey that he has “nam nam” in his cave, surprising her with his untold reproductive intentions.

Hidden Agenda

One cannot unwind history, Sykes-Picot, God map their soul, probably signed off the Middle East into turmoil while sitting at his comfortable Victorian leather chair, sipping Earl Grey tea with a splash of cognac. The majority of people in the Middle East blame Western Governments such as Britain, France, America and our favorite scapegoat Israel for their misery. I blame them too. I hate American foreign policy, but I also hate our domestic and foreign policy.

O.D.M’s Most Hated List:

1-Bashar’s lack of reform
2-Us not doing anything for the Motherland
3-My annoying coworker who keeps on asking me what I am doing.
4-The West, and the U.S. for screwing us up the more they benefit.

O.D.M’s List of obsolete Things:

1-Greater Syria
2- Pan Arabism
3-Quite Syrians
4-Charleston Pants
5-Tolerating the situation in Syria, until we liberate Palestine and Golan Heights

O.D.M’s Self-Contradiction

O.D.M loves Late President Haffez Assad. I don’t think it is a contradiction, I believe he came at a time when Israel was still not invincible, Greater Syria was still possible, and the world was bi-polar in power and principle (Communist/Capitalist)

O.D.M Declaration:

DESPITE MY BLIND HATE FOR WESTERN/ISRAELI HIDDEN AGENDAS. If I were Israeli, I would pluck a dictator’s eye out, and symbolically dedicated to David Ben Gurion, for playing a key role in embedding the roots of Israel in the Middlest Middle Eastern point in the Middle East. …Golda Mayer…Sharon and many more who initiated the division between Arab crooks.

If I were American, I would attend every presidents’ inauguration for four hours in the middle of a Washington D.C’ January below zero temperatures. I would also put G.W Bush’s poster behind my desk, not some dictator who has lead my country by inheritance or force.

Not a Hidden Agenda

I cherish leaders who look after their people; I hate them for the mess they put others in. I want to remind people that the world’s resources are scarce, it is the reason we have money and wars. Therefore, they may have a point of looking after their people ONLY. If it is going to be hard to make everybody happy, then screw everybody else. That is the story of American foreign policy.

Unfortunately if redneck Billy, Jimmy, or Stacey were Syrian, they would pack their bags and leave Damascus at the first available flight. They wouldn’t tolerate the situation, no money, nothing but more and more illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment.

Bush has no hidden agenda, it is clear to everyone; he wants to secure the best resources for his country. He wants the oils of Caspian Sea, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, anti Russian USSR remnants to his fountain of Arab Gulf countries. He is doing what is good for himself and his people.

Israel is paying unmatched amounts of money, to place academics, business men, intellectuals, advertising, propaganda, and political figures in the forefront of American way of thought, and decision making. They are doing what is good for their country.

We are tormenting Bush, grieving over the past, blaming the West, refusing any new ideology or anything western, and being ashamed of our present circumstances. We are not doing what is good for our country, or our people.

I hate Bush, but let us face the facts, Bush, Sharon, and all heads of western states’ strive for their nation’s well being, and that is not hidden agenda, it is their agenda. Do you want to know why? Because if they don’t, they will not be voted for again-regardless of who ends up voting, if you argue so- The extent to where this well being takes them, and what side effects it will have on bystanders, it is for us to discuss in such forums.

Middle East: NO @#$%@# AGENDA!

If you look at all the countries in the world that are now enjoying stability and freedom, and look for their common denominators, you would unsurprisingly see the blend of unity with a hint of freedom and a syringe of unprecedented quest for improvement. We should demand those rights, and quit re-inventing the wheel. We now know what works in today’s world. Kurds, Turkmans, Allawites, Shiites, Sunnis, Druze and any other sect including Syrian Buddhists (if available) should have their opinions heard, and demand a say in Syrian politics.

A Sneak Peak at O.D.M’s Plan

O.D.M’s 8-Fold Plan is very dangerous, controversial, and effective. Given that the Civil Disobedience Movement implements it word for word. I will not give away the 8-fold plan in details, I will give you an overview of what it is. First, let me tell you that the the Civil Disobedience Movement has to kinds of Members, O.D.M’s Unit, consisting of 7 people, looking to expand it to probably 30. This Unit is responsible for organizing, recruiting, coordinating and motivating the rest of the Civil Disobedience Movement. The rest of the Civil disobedience Movement (C.D.M) will be the general public, who will participate in non-physical, peaceful Disobedience.

The reason I am not posting the full 8-Fold Plan, is because I don’t see the momentum yet, still early. This blog is three days old.

Summary of O.D.M’s 8-Fold Plan

-An Ultimatum to current regime, warning of a General Civil Disobedience, in case of non-compliance. Ultimatum does not require regime stepping down.
-Calm period, in which C.D.M members speak out, letting the world and the regime know that O.D.M and all are very #$%%# serious.
-Waiting for a direct response from President, and acting accordingly.

And if s#it doesn't come our way, then.O.D.M et al will unleash the full scale Civil Disobedience..and the S#it shall hit the fan!

The 8-fold plans contains further details, and O.D.M’s main “blast call” that would appeal to all Syrian Students, and workers, and the International Media.

O.D.M’s Urgent Demands

Absolute Freedom of Speech.

A real Parliament with power, in which we can discuss the issues of democracy, political, prisoners, emergency laws, economy...etc

Stop rejecting anything new, the “forbidden until imposed” system does not work anymore. We have banned anything we are not familiar with until it got out of our control, from satellite receivers to importing finished goods to democracy (not yet).

Sincerely fight corruption, reward whistle-blowers, and establish a hotline for those who experience any kind of corruption. Even if it took manufacturing another million 1000 Syrian Pound notes to give police and government workers, and experience a short inflation. We need to stop corruption, which will solve 60% of Syrian problems and pull in many hungry foreign and Syrian investors waiting to tap into untouched Syrian resources.

Acknowledge the problem we have, ask for improvements. We are running out of oil, our infrastructure is primitive, and what is left of what used to be near perfect touristic sites need promotion and mending.

I demand another Foreign Minister, who would dedicate 10+ hours a day to foreign broadcast and print media. O.D.M, nominates himself.

No More shlippers, (shoes turned into slippers). Syrians know what I am talking about, I hate that! If you want a slipper, by one, don’t bend your shoe into one!

I demand stopping one of the quarterly Army relocation for a term and use the money saved in promoting Syrian tourism abroad.

I demand a private television network- ODM International

O.D.M’s Conclusion

All of you respectful and non-respectful Syrian intellectuals, students, academics, dumb asses and lawmakers, should join the quest to be heard in Syrian politics. We don’t want to take power, we want to advice, and be taken seriously. We all hope we don’t have to resort to my 8-Fold Plan of Civil Disobedience.To be a proud Syrian, you must be heard. In a world full of people with hidden or unhidden agendas, we should struggle for an agenda that benefits us all, and excel at everything we do. Let us share our uncovered hidden agenda of securing a better future of Syria with the world, let us be more active. As they say, there are those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who have no idea of what happened, lets not be the latter.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Some O.D.M Thoughts

O.D.M Was reading some Neo-Conservative's views on the Middle East, Islam, and the world.. And O.D.M paused for a minute, before breaking the damn glass I was holding on my monitor again, since it is a replacement of my old one (which I broke following a Fox news Story that claimed new Iraqi president has links to 9.11).

After a deep thought, I realized, Americans who pretend to know, PISS ME OFF!
And Americans that don't know, make my day!

Wouldn't you love a redneck holding a beer and offering you one? He'll talk about the weather, sports..Anything, that doesn't involve politics. I would love to hear his/her accent, and admire his/her simplicity.

Don't get me wrong! Americans are very literate, but about Sports, Starwars, Science Fiction, and Tom Cruises next Wife.

Think About it! They read the wrong books! And right after highschool, they go to college, where their partisanship or non-partisanship begins. I have guessed every professor views on politics in my classes' , they did not have to mention it.

Then comes the Media, which is day by day, causing me physical and mental losses. I have decided to pick up Alcohol, and Quit Fox news to ease up the anger I get from the propaganda that surrounds me in the U.S.

Media is an education System..That's why Dictators ban independent ones. And When Murdoch with his Fox news, sends a memo to his newsdesk to repeat stories on Palestinian attack on Israel, and emphasize the "Hom" in Homicide Bombers (Palestinian opposition), that's one man's decision that affected millions. Fox News is the most watched News network in the U.S.

I knew that people in here have already lost it, when they called ABC News and CNN as liberal..If CNN is Liberal, then Michael Jackson doesn't love little kids.

Again, just like all my posts, it is not like Syria is Switzerland, but American Gov't, don't criticize and claim you want to reform until you fix yourself.

Going back to my subject, I read somewhere that the whole Arab world publishes AS many books as the State of New York alone, I was not surprised, I was actually kinda surprised that they did! For how late we are in modernization, that's a pretty big #$%#$% amount!

Nevertheless, O.D.M, who happens to be I, decided to "investigate this claim..I went on an undercover operation to Barnes and Noble, Borders, and one small book store, and the investigation revealed some frightening evidence. I will share with you a couple of them that I found out online..

Look at this for example, and tell me HOW BORED THE AUTHOR WAS, and HOW MUCH TIME AND MONEY HE HAD! Writing about drunks! He must have had poor Kentucky Vodka before he wrote it

Then in my investigation, I found that there are many feel good about yourself books..This book is marketed for Budweiser drinking, Nascar Cheering Couch Potatoes, and it was a huge hit!

Piss me OFF!

One of the books that begged to burned outside borders was this..

What's better than asking a stupid fool, to be more stupid! Bush's favorite book:


Believe it or not, only one corner dedicated in a three story library to history books. Non of the books tells it all, U.S.A Supporting Saddam, Mujahideen, Muslim Brothers in Syria, Arm Deals, CIA.....books that make people such as that Neo-Conservative douch-bag, who was wondering why all Muslims are terrorist understand why the whole Middle East is very volatile and backward.

Maybe Bush needs one of "For Dummies" books on the Middle East!

I haven't written about the cooking books, about the novels, and other stuff that are atleast worth reading, if you want some entertainment or you are very interested in Saving the Pandas in China.

But for now I say, if I ever hear another Idiot, saying, I have read about your area, and your religion, I don't understand why are you all angry! I will ask him to come with me to a corner, and feed him five books about the Middle East by force.

God Bless The Dead

God bless the dead.
But when I think about this family
I get so mad, My face turns red..

I hear that for a 70 year old country, it is very impressive..
Hell no! With all that money & oil it should rule the world and be opressive..

God bless the dead.
But when I think about this family
I get so mad, My face turns red..

I'm sorry King Fahd wasn't good in any way,
They speak of his philanthropy, generosity and keeping the Umma under his Umbrella
Yet all I hear about is his encounters of Morocans and little kids in Marbella..

Don't give the Custodians of the Holy Mosques shit..all they wanna do is get more rich
Believe me, I wouldn't trust them with a bicycle, that family has always been Uncle Sams' bitch!

God bless the dead.
But when I think about this family
I get so mad, My face turns red..

Arabians in this peninsula should ask why, how and where...
when people were getting paid they really didn't care...
but now that Wahhabism, extremism, and unemployment have all risen ...
The Saud clowns have less chance to last than me trying to preach Pan Arabism ..

God bless the dead.
But when I think about this family
I get so mad, My face turns red..


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Zdravstvuite Comrad blogers,

Welcome to all of you to my blogg. I am the One and Only Disobedient Motherfucker you will ever see in this life, and when you are reincarnated to whatever you will be in your next life, whether you are Einstein part II, or just Chiuaua dog in Paris Hilton's grandaugghter's bag.

I don't have much time to write my first post, but It will be the best fucking blog you will ever see in the near future. I am going to Syria August 6th, where I will meet the rest of my Disobedient Motherfuckers, and discuss the situation in Syria.

Like I said, I have no enough time to post, so I will summarize my views. I will do so to let you know who I am straight up, so if you are not interested, you either never come back, or just come back for my views to piss you off. I want to hear from all of you! Syrian Republican Party (SRP) Mr. Joshua Landis and his, Reform Party of Syria, that Karfan dude and his imaginary friend in, and all of you Baathists, SSNP, Lebanese Forces, The "Free" Lebanese Movement..Let me hear from you

O.D.M: Brief Views

-Syria is the Motherland, Golan must return
-I believe in Greater Syria, I know it will never happen. So all former Greater Syria Nations, lets work together
-No peace with Israel, until Golan is back, and Palestinians resolve issue with Israel
-I believe Hafez Al-Assad screwed us up, but he did so out of Pure Pan Arabism, at a time when Arabism was still o.k.
-Fuck Arabism right now.
-Some Lebanese are becoming more gay, day by day, by blaming us for all their miseries, like we blame Israel. For those Lebanese, We are now out, fuck off, and leave us alone. If you are a Lebanese who can diffrentiate between civilians and Governments, No Problem..see below:

- No American Imposed Freedom, no "Let the Freedom Ring" Farid Ghadry
-I want Change in syria, I want it the peacefull way, Pushing our current president for reforms, using an ultimatum, execution of the ultimatum is complicated, but the plan is already made, the groundwork is in the work. The Civil Disobedience Movement is holding its tracks until we are directly answered by our president.

-I am not a bored fuck saying all this out of my head, follow up with me by the end of the year! Coalitions have power, I have my Coalition of the Disobedient Motherfuckers, and we all have leverage, when our president hears about how big my Civil Disobedient Coalition is, he will need to address it. If He doesn't, then the movement should implement my 8-fold plan.

Above were some of my views.

Now, I dedicate the end of my first post to one Leader who truly believed in Pan Arabism, at the cost of his people. Late President, Haffiz Assad. This President assumed power after a period that witnessed more presidents than you pissed today, with neighbours (Both Arabs and Non-Arabs) looking out for his downfall, with America and Russia and Israel, fighting for instability, by secretly posting agents, even Syrian opposition movements (including Muslim Brothers).. And Israel threat growing day by day..In such volatile situation, what did he do? He said FUCK IT, wipe the disobedients out! and He did... I will talk and argue more about Assad, because I know many of you hate him..But nobody is perfect!

Here are some rare, rare photos:

And finally, Here's a picture of him Greeting the People, just after he took over Power:

"If you Disobey, La Ehrikom Hari"

Thank you all,

One Disobedient Motherfucker (O.D.M)