Friday, September 30, 2005

O.D.M's Weekly Anger Discharge

O.D.M was drinking water as he was browsing news about Syria on his computer, and all of a sudden, he read this NEWSFLASH!!

A New Death List: Syria targets new Politicians and Reporters
Lebanese, Jordanian and Kuwaitis are targeted, including Al-Seyassa Senior Editor

Immediately, without wasting another second, O.D.M threw the bottle at the monitor, no injuries were reported, the bottle was plastic and closed.

I'll tell you my News Flash: F$^&&*@ and !#%$%^@# my %^%$$$^&!!!!

This story was on Al-Seyassa newspaper, quoting directly from a French Intelligence source...Oooooooooh la la!
This French intelligence source, should meet me in front of the Old Clock Tower in central Homs, because I want to stick that same pen he used in the report up his Dry-French-Ass. Now let me tell you secret, unlike most European countries, the French do not wet the toilette paper before they wipe their ass. They just take a paper towel, rub it twice, smell it, then throw it away, and go on with their life. they invented the tight pants, because they didn't want shit to spread all over their lower body when they walk. French people have redness on and around their little butt hole from May till mid-October of every year, that redness sometimes turns into swelling, so as they walk, you’d think they have a piece of dry French pu-pu dangling from their La dernier. The French wipe their ass in a dry manner -and you can quote O.D.M for this unknown fact.


piss me offf.... piss me offf....

Al-Seyassah newspaper pisses me off, so does Condoleezza…

I tried many, many times, to upgrade the tone in which I write in my respectable blog. But assholes who use dumbtelligence from Dry-Ass-French agent and quote it as if it is true piss me off, and make lose control of my renowned manners.

O.K, you have a list, I reserve the right to have list, since everybody is making up shit..who can better come up with shit than O.D.M?

This lists off people who should have taken a vacation in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina week, and also should have been sucked in to New Orleans sewage system, and died respectfully in a pile shit. I call it:

The Drown in a Pile of Shit List:

1- George Bush: His father George (the big one) and his mama, admitted that when Georgy was a little baby, they dropped him, and in almost all cases, he landed on his head. They confirmed that after three falls, George started speaking noticeably slower. This monkey should tighten up, because seriously, O.D.M can’t believe that this idiot can make any decision, other than from which advisor he should listen to.
2- Walid Junblatt: who looks more like (Sham Drat), in English, smelled some bad shit so he looks like it. This guy has not had a hair cut since the Lebanese Civil war was over, and changes his positions and political views more than the positions in the Kama Sutra book.
3- Bashar Assad: You have put the whole country in a big pile of shit; I think putting you in one makes the job much easier. Save yourself and give us the Parliament.
4- Al-Seyassah newspaper reporters, who write about Syria:I don’t know what to say. I don’t know why these Bedouins all of a sudden have something against all Syrians, not just the regime. Maybe Sheikh Katem Bin Iss-haaal gave them orders to do so. Those little kid lovers need to watch their mouth before they really get a bomb up their hungry mouth. 30 years they never criticize Assad, now what happened?
5- Every guy who wears a shoe, but folds its end making it a shoe-hatta slipper! Discusses me.
6- All those who blame Syria for everything, from the Tsunami, to Harriri, Shidiac, Qassir and everything else.
7- Syrian Foreign Minister Al-Sharee’:
Where is he? Breaking the Guiness book of records in hide-and-seek? Get your ass out in a tour to Europe and the Middle East, speak your mind.
8- Inactive Syrians: It takes you half an hour to open my blog, in the meantime, you can send an email to 20 of your friends letting them know of the Civil Disobedience Movement! There are people who make it happen, people who watch it happen, and people who don’t know what the f*ck just happened, unfortunately you are the last one.
9- Condoleezza Rice: You look like a dog’s ass, shaved. I think this lady got me bad, few people get me like that! I am tired of her saying “I think Syria should…” “Syria must…” “Syria is not being….” I tell you what Condi: I think you should stick your head up in your own ass and fix your country’s foreign policy, and support the 300,000,000 people in the Middle East as well as the 4 Million Israelis. Not the 4 Million alone. And by support, your Harvard-graduate-black-ass knows what I mean.
10- My obese co-worker: Her parents lied to her, her relatives lied to her, and her friends lied to her. They all used to tell her that she’s cute, and beauty is under the skin, they filled her up so much that she looks like a bag of shit. She dresses in stretch pants that even show the dimples in her ass, and acts like she’s Angelina Jolie. Let me explain something, she is so fat, she is everywhere! Every where I look she's in my face. Seriously, she should wear a sticker wearing "Caution! Wide Turn”.

Thank you readers, O.D.M feels so much better after he lets it out.

Syria Forever

Thursday, September 29, 2005

O.D.M Briefing:

Dear Civil Disobedients, O.D.M is very busy at work, but he has to let out his anger at some topics and fools that press the red buttons up in his bottom. Here are some O.D.M thoughts:

-Mehlis who looks like a tomato on steroids is done with investigations in Syria.
-He also seems to have no conclusive evidence, so his report will likely be inconclusive.
-To the United States, inconclusive means that you can’t rule out that Assad killed Harriri.
-Confirmed: Prince Hamburger Bandar was in Syria last week, carrying words straight from Monkey-Lipped Bush. Possibly offering an unattainable deal. For Bashar, having a sex change surgery is easier than giving up what the U.S. is asking for
-Syria has three roads to follow as of now, all three of them lead to Fortified Cement wall that the whole regime is gonna t-bone.
-Mubarak, with his hair dye that looks more like black leather shoe shine, is trying to help Syria against isolation.
-What the Kundarji Mubarak, and Hamburger Bandar don’t know, is that they can both kiss my ass. They are both worst than our regimes, One of them speaks he’s in some Egyptian musalsal, the other one is as good of taking orders from Americans as a good old German Shepard.
-The Civil Disobedience Movement is still up and running, awaiting more members to join in. Please help in spreading the word, this is crucial to get Syria back, and probably have The Republic of Emissa back, (Homs).
-The Lebanese are taking it too far blaming us for everything, if Charbel’s mama gets pregnant, they point at Ghazale!

Every country has shit to be proud of, and shit that they are not proud of.

This is Charbel, his son Eliaaays sold the other donkey,
and bought a 1982 Mercedes

Don't ask why.. just had to post a picture of O.D.M's future pet:

Friday, September 23, 2005

Syria Warns America

O.D.M looks at a very futuristic and highly improbable news story in the future, unfortunately, he knows why it is not likely to happen anytime soon

Syria Warns McCain: All Options are on the Table
By Abdulkarimov Balakhof, PRAVDA Chief International Editor
February 28, 2009

[Damascus, Syria] -- Syrian Prime Minister O.D.M warned the U.S. president McCain of taking his country to the World Security Council. The statement came in light of president McCain’s “Liberty speech” in Baghdad.

“I am tired of colonialist ideologies, “uttered Syria’s strongman O.D.M in front of world reporters in the Damascus International Press Club, “McCain needs to respect this region and remember what his predecessors in the White House and the CIA did to this area and to the whole world in the past 5 centuries.” O.D.M, who was not in his usual funny character, said that the U.S. needs to pull its 40,000 troops out of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, or face serious repercussions. O.D.M warned of yet another American fiasco in the region, saying “American governments seem to have learning disabilities, I don’t think they learned anything from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran”, O.D.M then exclaimed “The Americans should put down there beers and start thinking of what will happen if they keep electing people like that”, and warning Americans that there ignorance will bring their nation down.

In his speech, which was more like a lecture, O.D.M threatened to take the U.S. to the World Security Council, and did not rule out military action against Washington.

When asked about Nuclear repercussions O.D.M said that America knows better than using its nuclear weapons. He said that the Greater Syria Coalition would take down D.C. and impose a black President in 72 hours, with a little help from more than 40 million “Deprived” African Americans “brothers”, according to him.

Syria recently repositioned 17,000 of its “Syrial Killers” brigades in Cuba, Syria’s newest ally. Syrian hostilities with the U.S. started immediately after the People’s Revolution took over Damascus’ Parliament, when O.D.M’s Civil Disobedience Movement refused the American backed Reform Party of Syria. In his infamous speech at the Black House balcony overlooking well over ten million supporters O.D.M hollered: “Syria is now officially yours, the future is ours…Syria Forever”. Encouraged by the nearby experience, Arabians disposed the Al-Saud clan, and renamed the country The Arabian Peninsula; Jordanians, Lebanese, and Iraqis all followed suite and stormed their respective parliaments, and demanded real representation.

Syria now enjoys loyalty from all of its Middle Eastern neighbors, and commands a fearful 3,000,000-man strong army; scores of which are Syrian controlled Brigades of armies of more than 7 Middle Eastern countries. O.D.M is finishing touches on the Greater Middle Eastern Initiative, where a United Middle East will share resources, economies and politics in a borderless manner.

What if we are democratic? Why can’t we hold the U.S. accountable for more than 150,000 dead Iraqis, and half a million prisoners of conscience in the Arab world? Who the hell does the U.S. think it is? The strongest country in the world? Well if this country respects the rule of law, then the law should hold all of the past U.S. damn administrations accountable for all the misery they put the world under. Who the hell does Condoleezza Rice think she is appearing in public saying “We want to see more freedom in Egypt”. I want to go on TV and say, I want to see your head up your own screwed us up enough we can take care of ourselves.

Why the #$%#$ does the U.S. stick its head in everything? Because it is the only super power in the world? It’s the caretaker?

It can take care of my ass…Well even that it can’t, because they don’t use water in wiping their asses in there, they do it the dry-ass toilette paper ass wiping technique.

Why Jim Donkey Kong or whoever is the president of China stand up on CNN and say: We want to see less American intervention in every country’s ass.

It is kind of like your neighbor looking over your window and telling you, “I want you to change your baby’s diapers more often”; I would beat the living organs out of him, and then have him wear a diaper full of shit on his head.

What the hell is going on in the world? If America was really the way Americans think about it, peaceful, freedom loving, and full of human rights, then I wouldn’t mind.

But it is not!

Lobbying is legal corruption. When Israel spends more than a billion dollars “informing” the American government and public about its “way of life” it is actually “buying” American “decision makers”

Until you see more Non-Protestant Presidents who are not of British decadence, or a black, or Latino president you I will never say you have democracy.

Until you stop meddling in other people’s lives…deciding who to attack now, and who to bless, and who to strike, you have no business in how we live.

Freedom of speech my ass.

Why does America have such presidents? Because Americans know nothing about out of their Stateline. When foreign policy minute is up on any news channel, it is what the governme wants the world to know…Syria supporting insurgents, Attackers captured from Syria, American troops bombing Iraqi boundaries with Syria..the you get a redneck who heard the Word Syria in a negative sense in a week more than he heard his own fart… “Y’all Go get them evil doers boys!” … YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAAAAA


Feels Good to let it out…

Syria Forever

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Die Grosse Scheiße Interview

Since this debate has been going in circles and people are really not understanding what's the truth. O.D.M saves the world again and explains the point plainly. Since many of you you are idiots (with all respect to the non-idiot audience) and happy with words such "Democracy" and "Assad out now". Let me explain why we don't want foreign intervention to topple our regime right now, in simplest forms.

When I thought about it, I thought the easiest way to put it was to paste my interview with the German magazine, Die Grosse Scheiße. (The Big Shit in english, )

Schvania: Hello Mr. O.D.M!I and Die Grosse Scheiße would like to thank you for your time.
O.D.M: ....Get to the point

Schvania: Ok, do you think Syria can ever be democratic?
O.D.M: It will.

Schvania: What is your reply to "but Syrians aren't ready for democracy"
O.D.M: They Are right.

Schvania: Why?
O.D.M: Because we have no well established political parties other than the Brothers in the Hood. (Muslim Brotherhood)

Schvania: but what about the Reform Party of Syria?
O.D.M: Did you fart??

Schvania: Do you want democracy then?
O.D.M: Yes.

Schvania: How?
O.D.M: Thank you,

Schvania: I mean how are you going to get democracy?
O.D.M: I heard you, was talking to your cute friend.

We can get democracy in Syria by taking steps, huge steps, the first one is the immidiate demand for fair representation in the parliament. So all of us loudmouths can learn how to argue, respect different opinions, and practice democracy not at the cost of running 18,000,000 people. Once we get it right, we establish the rules to set up political parties, and let people to vote. Syrians shoot each other over denying facts that happened yesterday, dinner debates turn into fights, let alone democracy.

We can't take over a government responsibilities yet. If the Government itself doesn't know how the hell Syria is running, from imports/exports, to sewage, to payrol, to public servants/ health to education How the hell would a bunch of people do that? even if they are very educated? WE HAVE NO DECENT POLITICAL PARTIES AS OF NOW.

If they do a referendum tomorrow, I would nominate myself, and my father, maybe my grandfather too, so will the president of each chamber of commerce in every major city in Syria. Kurds, Yazidis, Druze, Allawites, Sunnis, Armenians, Sharkas, 12ers and every other major and minor religion in addition to atheists, gays, lesbians and every other minority will want a shot at presidency. We are a country that has been deprived of decision making and rights for more than 300 years. That means my grandather's grandfather biggest decision was which of his four woives to slap, and which one to sleep with. Nothing more.

We need institutions, we need to learn how to debate, how to respect one another, and overall we are doing so at a very fast pace. The people, as of now, want an explanation of everything new that happens. We hear about ever political prisoner going in, even if he was a mute midget. President Bashar knows very well what awaits him if he doesn't loosen the leash he has on all of us. We have been angry imprisoned dogs for a while now, and the internet, satellites, education, and next door events are slowly making our cage more vulnerable to break. Once it breaks, with our will power, we will do much more than biting!

Schvania: How will the Parliament help?
O.D.M: If we get the parliament-the way we demand it- we can have 1/3 of decision making in this country. In this parliament, we will mess up for the first six months, but then, once we fix the decision making process, we will start tackling all other issues. When we are in the Parliamant we demand seperation of power, when we are in power we demand election of eligible officials who have the credentials to do the job, not the relative who gets them the job.

Schvania: How will you get to be represented with the current government, especially with no real opposition parties?
O.D.M: By the Civil Disobedience Ultimatum. An 8-Step plan/ ultimatum that we will give President Bashar (that doesn't include him stepping over), and if he doesn't accept, we will go on a massive Civil Disobedience for a month, until the regime cracks from head to toe.

Schvania: How will you get the masses?
O.D.M: Word of mouth, blast faxes, blast emails, marketing, and once funding mechanisms in place through straight Television ads.

Schvania: Sounds like a good plan!
O.D.M: O.D.M never had a bad plan, except his credit cards payment plan.
Schvania: You are funny and cute!

O.D.M: you too..

________Interview Cut_________

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

March 27, 2006 The Four Day War

Just like what many bloggers say, "I usually don't like to copy and paste into my blog, but I found this....." BULLSHIT

I found this article, and I was amazed by the insight this Salhani dude has into what is really keeping the U.S and Israel and Western powers from targeting Iran, and in the same respect, targeting Syria. Especially now that they both are very convinced that Syria is aiding insurgents going into Iraq.

This man seems to lower his amperes in his views in his tiny articles he submits for UPI to later be picked up by other news outlets. BUT After reading this article, in O.D.M's opinion, Claude Salhani is not your everyday journalist, he's a lethal political analyst with a vision so far ahead that it flattens rock and everything else in its pathway.

The Scenario:

Israel just can't ignore more intelligence reports about Iran's Nuclear capabilities. Its patience is running, especially that Bush's War in Iraq took way longer than expected......

Four Day War

The Iran/Israel conflagration, a history.

By Claude Salhani

....According to a recent report, Israel has built replicas of Iran’s nuclear facilities in the Negev Desert, where their fighter-bombers have been practicing test runs for months. Israel realizes it has a small window of opportunity if it is to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities before they go “hot” and leakage from an attack causes harmful exposure to tens of thousands of civilians caught by radiation forced into the atmosphere by such a raid.

Israel is unlikely to accept Iran’s word that its nuclear program is meant solely for peaceful purposes and aimed at developing commercial energy. The possibility of decisive military action is, indeed, high.

What follows is the unfolding of a worst-case scenario, an imaginary yet all-too-possible depiction of how events might develop if Israel were to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Day One: Wednesday

In a pre-dawn raid, undisclosed numbers of Israeli warplanes, taking off from military airbases in the Negev, destroy Iran’s main nuclear facility at Bushehr. Israel’s armed forces have released no details, but it is believed the planes flew over parts of Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, refueling in mid-air before reaching their target. Military analysts speculate that the planes must have refueled somewhere over Iraq.

During the one-hour raid, Iran claims to have shot down “several” Israeli fighters. Television images show pilots being lynched by furious mobs before Iranian authorities could reach them. The after-effects of the raid shake the Arab and Islamic world. Millions take to the streets demanding immediate action against Israel.

In planning the attack, Israel weighed the threats of Arab and Muslim reaction. The only other nuclear threat, and a possible danger to Israel, is Pakistan. Israel considered striking Pakistan’s nuclear sites, too, but Indian intelligence reports that Pakistan lacks long-distance delivery for its warheads. Bombay is the farthest they can reach. Additional reassurance from American intelligence convinced Israel that as long as Musharraf remains in power, Pakistan does not represent an imminent threat. The decision was made not to hit Pakistan.

Day Two: Thursday

Believing that Israel would never undertake such actions without U.S. approval, or at least a tacit nod from the American administration, Iran retaliates. Thousands of Revolutionary Guards are dispatched across the border into Iraq with orders to inflict as many casualties on American troops as possible. Fierce clashes erupt between coalition forces and Iranians. Within hours, more than 400 U.S. troops are killed, and many more wounded in heavy fighting. Iranian sleeper agents, who have infiltrated Iraq since the downfall of Saddam, urge Iraqi Shi’ites into action. They cut major highways and harass coalition troops, preventing reinforcements from reaching units under attack. Several helicopters are shot down.

Tehran orders the Lebanese Shi’ite movement, Hezbollah, into action against northern Israel. Hezbollah launches scores of rockets and mortars against kibbutzim, towns, and settlements. Israel retaliates. Casualties are high on both sides of the frontier. Tension in the Middle East reaches a boiling point. In Washington, the Cabinet convenes in an emergency session.

Massive demonstrations erupt all over the Arab and Islamic world. Crowds of gigantic proportions take to the streets, ransacking Israeli embassies in Cairo, Amman, and Ankara. American embassies in a number of other cities are burned. With police overwhelmed, the military is called in. Armies open fire, killing hundreds, adding to the outrage.

Day Three: Friday

Following Friday prayers across the Islamic world, crowds incited by fiery sermons in mosques from Casablanca to Karachi take to the streets in the worst protests yet. Government buildings are ransacked, and clashes with security forces result in greater casualties. Martial law is declared, and curfew imposed, but this fails to prevent further mayhem and rioting. Islamist groups call for the overthrow of governments and for immediate military action against Israel.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamist militants engage in open gun battles with security forces in several cities. The whereabouts of the Saudi royal family are unknown. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and a dozen other countries, crowds continue to run amok, demanding war on Israel.

Day Four: Saturday

A longstanding plan to overthrow Musharraf is carried out by senior Pakistani army officers loyal to the Islamic fundamentalists and with close ties to bin Laden. The coup is carried out in utmost secrecy.

Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI—a long-time supporter of the fundamentalists—in agreement with the plotters, takes control of the country’s nuclear arsenal and its codes. Within hours, and before news of the coup leaks out, Pakistan, now run by pro-bin Laden fundamentalists, loads two nuclear weapons aboard executive Lear jets that take off from a remote military airfield, headed for Tel Aviv and Ashdod. Detouring and refueling in east Africa, they approach Israel from the south. The crafts identify themselves as South African. Their tail markings match the given identification.

The two planes with their deadly cargo are flown by suicide pilots who, armed with false flight plans and posing as business executives, follow the flight path given to them by Israeli air traffic control. At the last moment, however, the planes veer away from the airfield, soar into the sky and dive into the outskirts of the two cities, detonating their nuclear devices in the process.

The rest of this scenario can unfold in a number of ways. Take your pick; none are encouraging.

Israel retaliates against Pakistan, killing millions in the process. Arab governments fall. Following days of violence, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt succumb to Islamist rebels who vow open warfare with Israel. The Middle East regresses into war, with the fighting claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. A much-weakened Israel, now struggling for its very survival, deploys more nuclear weapons, targeting multiple Arab capitals. The Middle East is in complete mayhem, as the United States desperately tries to arrange a cease-fire.

This was all a bad dream, or rather one writer’s dark vision of what might happen if the current situation is allowed to continue unchecked. What precisely are the chances of any of this coming to pass? The probability of Israel striking Iran is very real. That could happen at any moment. As for the rest, there is really no way to know what will ensue once the demons are unleashed. Events could unfold as described above, or they could develop a bit differently, give or take a nuke or two. Whatever the outcome, it will not be good.

The solution is far from evident. Takeyh, the professor of national security studies, notes that in the past where there have been cases of “nuclear reversal,” such as in South Africa, it has happened due to a change in the region’s strategic environment.

The Middle East hardly falls into that category. Iran is unlikely to give up its nuclear deterrence as long as Israel remains a nuclear power. Israel is unlikely to cede its nuclear capability as long as it feels threatened by the Arab/Islamic world and as long as Pakistan holds on to its bomb. Pakistan, of course, points to India, also a nuclear power. India looks at Pakistan and across the Himalayas and sees nuclear-armed China and says it would never give up its cherished membership to the elite nuclear club.

In his campaign stops, President Bush keeps reiterating that the world is a safer place because of his actions. Yet looking at the state of world affairs it is very difficult to agree with him. The dead-ended Mideast peace talks, Saudi Arabia’s internal turmoil, continuing Islamist terrorist threats, the vulnerability of American troops in Iraq, and the question of Iran’s nukes all contribute to maintaining tensions at an all-time high.

Barring a solid and lasting peace settlement between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the countries of the Middle East are far from nuclear disarmament. If anything, nuclear proliferation is only likely to increase as states like Saudi Arabia find that they, too, need to defend themselves against a nuclear-armed Iran. Recent reports have indicated that Saudi Arabia is looking to lease Pakistan’s nukes. The arms race of the Cold War may be dead, but the race for hot weapons has never been so alive.

Friday, September 16, 2005

O.D.M Demands Change, but Doubts American Intentions

O.D.M, just like everyday, arrives at work and first thing he does is go to Google news and types Syria in the search bar, as usual this is what he gets:

Fox News: Rice calls for continued pressures on Syria
In Syria, regime change by other means
The Fear Grows in Damascus
Assad frets as Hariri focus shifts to Syria
Syrian government caught in its own trap
Syria Going Down
Assad Running out of Options

All of the above do not include Arab Media, TV, Radio and so on. Today’s headlines are not like every day’s headlines, they are a confirmation that the countdown for Syria’s change is coming.

O.D.M looks at Syria scratches his head (twice) and thinks: However you look at this country, it looks like shit. Not any shit, the shit you do after eating Mexican Food with Extra Chilli. What do you want? Employment? Education? Environment? Economy? Foreign Policy? Domestic Policy? Standard of Living? Society? They are all going down the hill.

No wonder why 12 Million Syrians as of 2005 currently live out of Syria. 12,000,000.
Everything in there looks bad, except the nice neighborhoods, restaurants and the bunch of well-off people who can afford such things. Still, the average Syrian makes less money a month than what most of you readers spend in one dinner (with alcohol).

To Defend or not to Defend?

Ofcourse we need to defend Syria, but not the regime. The regime led us to all what has happened. Syria could have been the best country in the world, THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, in everything. We are top 15 International exporters of cotton, cotton fiber, live stock, phosphate, bauxite, citrus, and wheat. At one point in time we used to produce about a million barrel a day of good crude oil, about 8 billion cube metres of natural gas a day (our daily consumption 5.8 Billion consumption) , more than 35 billion KW of electricity (with consumption of less than 25 billion).

In tourism, Syria should attract 15 million plus tourists a year. Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. We have still standing sites that reflect dynasties from Sumerians (Akkadians), to Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Arameans, Persians, Seulicids, Romans, Nabatean, and more. We have the only community in the whole world that still speaks the language of Jesus Christ, Aramaic in Maaloula. We have great forests, mountains, lakes, more than 180 KM of coastlines ranging from mountainous beaches, to volcanic, white and dirty sands. Add to that what Modern Damascus looks like now, impressive restaurants, coffee shops and nigh clubs. Had we built the right infrastructures, we would have connected more than 300 tier 1 historic and tourist sites that would have made Syria the greatest destination in the world. Look at some pictures:

All of the above is still standing, less the infrastructure, and crude oil. So the future is not as dim as our regime’s ass.

Again, should we defend our country?

O.D.M’s view has always been the following: A bitch can’t preach morals to another bitch. America should “Let the freedom ring” up its own ass before it rings elsewhere. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for a major change. In fact, we should abuse the current Syrian-regime hating trend. But not accept any political party coming from Syria.


America has a history of selective bitching. E.g. While the North Korean midget is waving his nuclear arms power in America’s face, and Sudan has less freedom than a male’s genitals in a size S kilot, America decides to hit Iraq. Half of South America is under autocratic rule, most of the African continent is starving to death, being robbed by Motumbo, Mugabe and other assholes that spend 3 hours to cut a 15,000$ deal, which last time I checked was more than what half of the Africa is worth. All it takes to free Cuba of that Human Zombie Castro is a redneck pressing a button firing a “smart bomb” on Castro’s ass while sitting in a booth drinking Budweiser and watching Jerry Springer. The whole world is in deep shit out of Western Europe and Northern America.

BUT, no, Iraq has nuclear weapons and had links to September 11. Ooops! I meant Iraq’s people were starving and deprived of their rights, and Monkey Bush’ God given task was to liberate them Aaarabs.

No no no no! it was not oil.

All sleeping idiots should realize that America has the oil of the Gulf region, Caspian sea (which China, Iran and America always wanted to secure), Alaska (bought not too long ago from Russia), and all what is left is lousy Chavez’ Venzuela, Norway and Russia..let them bath in their own oil.

No no no no! it wasn’t expanding American domination in the area.

America has bases in the Persian Gulf, and all over the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Lebanon. Uncle Sam can proudly announce that it controls the Middle East.
Good for them, now it is time to take care of our homeland.

Now, do we want an American backed Syrian political party in Damascus?

Photos in the blog are courtesy of Damascus-Online, The Damascene Blog , and

Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Morning: O.D.M's Eternal Nemesis

Most working professionals can not think on Monday morning, so does O.D.M, but he takes it to another level.

In order not to degrade O.D.M’s clean level of political Commentary and at the same time to avoid being stingy to his fellow Disobedients, O.D.M will comment on the most interesting article submitted to him in bullet forms, and participate in the comment section to reader’s views.

Today’s Exclusive News bit comes from an Israeli website, that usually breaks up the news before it happens. How? Through a man made organism that was created from Nostradamous’ ball hair, found in his tomb. This organism has nothing but a mouth and three nipples.

O.D.M Exclusive: UN Hariri investigator gets a helping hand from Assad’s uncle Rifat
Detlev Mehlis, head of the UN team investigating the murder-plot against former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, was armed with a secret weapon when he visited Damascus this last weekend. The Syrians, who deny any role in the death, now says the UN investigators are welcome.
That weapon is the testimony taken from Col. Zuheiri Safi, a Syrian intelligence officer who defected to Paris in early August and proved a gold-mine. He supplied his French intelligence interrogators with the names of colleagues directly complicit in the assassination. He also named the contact men in President Bashar Assad’s bureau and among his close aides who were instrumental in the various stages of preparing the conspiracy.
Among them is the director of Syrian military intelligence Asaf Shouaqat, the president’s brother-in-law.
O.D.M’s Washington sources reveal that the assistance rendered by the Syrian president’s uncle Rifat Assad was crucial in getting Col. Safi to open up. He liaised between him and the American and French parties on the terms of his defection. Without his mediation, our sources say, the Syrian intelligence officer would not have defected and there would be no direct evidence linking President Assad’s bureau to the crime.
It must be said here that Rifat has a vested interest in his nephew’s downfall. He has long harbored ambitions to become president of Syria and, with Bashar gone, he would be a leading candidate to succeed him.
With this clincher in hand, Washington warned Assad not to attend the UN General Assembly opening in New York this week. If he insisted, he would be the only member of the Syrian delegation admitted to the US on a diplomatic passport. The others, including his bodyguard, would have to line up for ordinary visas at the US consulate in Damascus.
The Syrian president decided to stay at home.
Mehlis, also armed with information obtained from the four senior Lebanese security officers - all Syrian allies, arrested in Beirut ten days ago - will demand in Damascus to interview top Syrian intelligence officers. He may also ask to see president Assad.

O.D.M’s comments:

-Finding Rifaat Assad is harder than O.D.M stocking Angelina Jolie. Some people say he’s dead, others say in a coma, yet others say he’s in a gay parade in Sao Paolo, but O.D.M’s x-girl living in Marbella confirmed she saw him in flesh and blood cruising in there.
-Rifaat Assad has less chance of getting Syrian Presidency than Syria having a gay president.
-Next Syrian Regime (whenever it comes), is going to be democratically elected. Many people are sick and are only going with the status quo. If shit goes down the drain, we will clean the bowl, and prepare it for fresh shit.
-Nobody knows what really is happening. As far as O.D.M knows, Bashar Assad himself doesn’t know who did it. Whoever did it is not dumb enough to let more than one person know about it. No way on earth there are documented phone conversations and communication, or a picture of the assassin saying “Cheese” while pulling the bomb wire on Harriri’s motorcade. Killing the MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN LEBANON, should be done professionally. Syria has over 30 years of professional experience in Assassinating; if it were them, it would not be like this.
-At least 2 Syrians will be involved. Syria will willingly hand them over.
-Economic Sanctions are coming,
-No way Syria, as some commentator said, will pull “an Anwar Sadat” style peace with Israel, to strike a “save our asses” deal. That means a bloody revolt in Syria.
-If Mehlis has all the evidence, what the hell is he waiting for?
-Mehlis’ glasses are way too thick for a detective. Can he really see the evidence?
-Monitoring the situation should is very interesting.

O.D.M Discussable Opinions:

-Order of Assasination did not come from Bashar Assad, he knew better. Syria was already under 1559, and Pressure on Lahoud extension, Iraqi border. He knew that was a political suicide.
-A detective’s first question is always, what was the motivation/who benefited the most out of outcome? O.D.M is bigger than blaming left and right, but Syria had a better motivation assassinating Aoun/ Junblatt, than Harriri. Who benefited the most?
-Bashar Assad will outlast Bush, until 2008. But Syrian Parliament will be given legal rights, in the hand of the people. Thanks to the Civil Disobedience Movement initiated by The One and Only O.D.M. The Ultimatum will be granted early 2006.
-America in No shape or form can target Syria militarily; Syria can quadruple the insurgency movement in Iraq, let alone the fight in Syria. Also, world community will not let that happen. A little note: Just in case of war, O.D.M will be the first to fight. By hiring pretty Prostitute Assassins, who would lure horny American fighters into death.
-Syria can better handle the situation by making up evidence that Ghazi Kanaan ordered Harriri killed, show it to international community, and then assassinate Kanaan in his house, with an Absolute Vodka bottle next to him and a suicide letter, with a glock in his hand. Perfect suicide.
-Junblatt should watch over his back very closely. More and more Syrian Politicians are weary of his yet growing influence on Lebanese external and internal affairs.

Civil Disobedience Movement is watching closely, and members are joining in, let me know your opinions.

Friday, September 09, 2005

O.D.M Being Generous Part II

I read this article in Arabic, and I, O.D.M, would like to share it with you, and then translate it. The writer, who seems very informed and sure of the situation, should go pick up Salsa dancing instead of writing politics, because he knows as much about politics as I know about Who's planning a coup d'etat in Tajikstan. What is more worrying, is that a lot of people agree that with the pervailing opinion: Syria can make it, if it accepts a list of International requests.

وساطة عربية تفتح باب الاتصالات السرية بين واشنطن ودمشق
فكرية أحمد، بارعة ياغي: الوطن السعودية 9/9/2005
كشف مصدر أوروبي وثيق الصلة بالوضع في الشرق الأوسط عن وجود اتصالات سورية أمريكية غير معلنة تتم بوساطة دولة عربية، بهدف إزالة العثرات التي عمقت الفجوة بين دمشق وواشنطن.
وقال المصدر لـ"الوطن" إن واشنطن تضع على طاولة الاتصالات مع سوريا عدة مطالب على رأسها تقديم تقرير أو ملف شامل حول القوة النووية والكيماوية السورية وتسليم عدد من العناصر الإرهابية المطلوبة من قبل واشنطن، وإنهاء الوجود السري لعناصر الاستخبارات السورية في لبنان، والتعاون الكامل لكشف أسرار اغتيال رئيس الوزراء اللبناني السابق رفيق الحريري، إضافة إلى فتح الأبواب السورية أمام لجان التفتيش الدولي على الأسلحة النووية وأضاف المصدر أن واشنطن تطلب أيضا من دمشق تقديم الدعم السياسي للحكومة العراقية لإحكام السيطرة الأمنية على البلاد ، بجانب عدم التدخل في شؤون العراق ، وإبداء الاستعداد للتعاون مع إسرائيل وعدم توجيه أي تهديدات لتل أبيب ، مع التوقف عن دعم حزب الله والفصائل الفلسطينية.
وأوضح المصدر أنه في مقابل ذلك تقدم أمريكا عدة وعود وضمانات لسوريا، من بينها دفع عملية السلام في الشرق الأوسط لتشمل سوريا مستقبلا، ووقف حملات الاتهام بالإرهاب ضدها، وإنهاء أي حصار سياسي أو اقتصادي عليها.
وقال المصدر إن سوريا تطالب واشنطن أيضا بتقديم ضمانات بعدم التدخل المباشر أو غير المباشر لزعزعة نظام الحكم بها تحت مسمى الإصلاحات الديمقراطية ووقف الدعم الأمريكي السري لعناصر المعارضة السورية بالخارج.
وأكد المصدر أن سوريا لا ترفض تحسين العلاقات مع أمريكا، كما أن الرئيس بشار الأسد لديه استعداد للقاء الرئيس الأمريكي جورج بوش.
إلى ذلك تسود أجواء الترقب والحذر في مختلف الأوساط السورية, تحسبا لزيارة رئيس لجنة التحقيق في قضية اغتيال الحريري القاضي الألماني دتيليف ميليس, والتي ستتم غدا السبت.
ووصف المحلل السياسي السوري حسين العودات لـ"الوطن" هذه الزيارة بالمفصلية, سواء جاءت بالسلب أو الإيجاب وقال هناك ترقب من قبل جميع السوريين, لاسيما وأنهم يعتقدون بأن نتائج هذه الزيارة ستكون كبيرة جدا, سواء اتهمت مسؤولين سوريين أم برأتهم.
أما المستشار السابق لوزير الإعلام السوري أحمد حاج علي فاعتبر أنه وبحدود ما تم التصريح عنه في سوريا والجو العام, فإن المسألة ستكون مهمة بالنسبة لنا, كما أنه ليس لدينا في سوريا أية شروط أو أي قيود لا من حيث الأشخاص الذين يمكن الحوار معهم أو الموضوعات المطروحة أو من حيث المستويات .

Translation: BULLSHIT!

No country, not Egypt nor Saudi will tryi to open dialogue "channels" between Syria and the United States. It is true that Bush is as smart as a fish, but he made up his mind, He doesn't like Any Baathist. The investigation will either reveal the killer or it won't, to the Americans, they say God Bless the Dead, NOw F*ck it! What else? No more intelligence in Lebanon? That is impossible, America knows that. Shit even Pakistan has Intelligence in Lebanon, intelligence is a very complicated network with players you will never expect to be be involved. No weapons to Hizbolla? Hassan Nasrallah for the first time in Hizbollah's history said he is ready to drop the weapons, in exchange for Israeli guarentees of Shebaa return and end of hostilities. What else? Nuclear weapons? In Syria? Shit! Yea, if there is a Syria somewhere in the Blackhole, that may be possible.

Fact: Syria has no cards in its hands. Therefore, no negotiating power.

Fact: The U.S, France, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, and Kangaroos in Australia want the Baathists out.

Before I go on, O.D.M wants to clarify something. Sometimes my posts make it seem like Syria is Bush's main worry. the fact is, Bush doesn't give a f*ck, because he probably can't locate Syria on a map. But Such policies are made by advisors who need to do nothing, just bless one opposition party, and hint to the world that you want Syria down, and of course Syria has the potential, and the UN is always ready to fight the opressors that it selects.

Fact: Muslim Brotherhood are the only contender as of now, with a fully systimized party.

Fact: We don't want no Muslim Brothers in the hood, nor ruling us

O.D.M Wonders: What does America want?

O.D.M talks to himself: America is brewing the Syrian regime on slow fire, until the alternative party is ready to take control before 2008 is over.

Syria, through international sanctions, both political and economic, will be be more vulnerable as time passes. Late President Assad used to be happy when he smartly bought time, now it is not the case.

O.D.M hopes it is not The Syrian Reform Party, or as O.D.M calls it, the Dingleberry Party. Dingleberry is the shit residue that gets stuck on your ass and requires extra water and wiping, after a heavy dump. SRP is hoping that the U.S., through Monkey Lipped Bush's help, topple The Baathists in Syria and replace him like that.

Mr. Ghadry, who also happens to be an avid Ballet dancer, knows the Syrian streets very well! Even though he never lived in Syria in his whole life. What he failed to know, is that he has piled up more Ghadry and Dingleberry Party haters than the Baath Party and it members.

Mr. Ghadry seems to think that he is the top contender. I say he is a top contender, but for something else, that involves licking. We have no trust in American intentions, a donkey falls in the same trap three times, a stupid donkey six times, that's it. No rule that arrives through American pressure.

No Syrian Reform Party, extreme left parties, nor Muslim Brotherhood party will take over. Here is where O.D.M and the Coalition of the Civil Disobedients fit in the equation.

As it has been pre-established in my previous posts, I have included a clause in my requirements that demands the formations of a real Parliament, as opposed to the Clapping Parliament we have. Shit they clap in that Parliament more than little kids clap in the circus. The Clause demands the legal seperation of power equally between the President (whom I would encourage to stay), the Parliament, and the Judicial System. That Requirement has to be met so that O.D.M does not to proceed with the nationwide Civil Disobedience.

For all the thickheads, let me explain in simple terms. Let's say 1+1 can equal either 1 (for a decently smart man), or 11 for a dumbass motherf*cker.

If the regime accepts ultimatum, that is the 1+1=2 solution, the we will nominate competent representatives in the parliament, who represent districts, ethnicities, and even sexual orientation, if that's what the majority of Syrians want. And only then shall Syria prevail.

If Mr. Assad decides that O.D.M and the Coalition of the Civil Disobedients are kidding, and thinks 1+1= 11, then shit will hit the fan, and making everybody dirty, quitly, and only then shall the Disobedience Movement pervail.

Civil Disobedience appeals to everybody that is not happy, from Army Lieutanants who no longer make money through smuggling Marlboro Reds and brown hash from Bekaa Valley, to doctors, to failing Baccaloriat students, to gays, to the President's Chef who is sick of his picky taste. Through absolute marketing techniques, from word of mouth, Internet and other Media, The Coalition will multiply its already impressive size.

Join the movement, Send me your comments.