Saturday, March 25, 2006

O.D.M: It's Obvious


Ten months ago from today, Mehlis confirmed Syrian involvment in the Harriri murder. He explained how he has got evidence as solid as Eskimo shit of top-officials' involvement, and he expected all the process to be over by October 2005. ..Eskimos took 789,0098 shits and the Investigation is still going.

Nine months and 27 days ago, which is 3 days after Tomatohead/Mehlis's Statement. Prince Bandar/Penada flew his 747 and went to Damascus....and the investigation is still ongoing.

You may not know Prince Bandar, but he is a heavy weight. He is the Muhammad Ali of Diplomacy and I have said it here before that this guy means business. He is like the Wolf in "Pulp Fiction", he solves problems. unlike people who's names end with Man, Mann, Berg, Stein...those create problems---no offend to Jews, but 99% of lawyers are Jewish...three things I hate to seein this life, Lawyers, Cops, and kids between ages 11-15.

I don't like this. I doubt the cedibility of everybody but I was looking forward for change in Syria. What the fuck happened?

I know that Israel and America are scared of change due to the lack of solid and friendly opposition....

I know that Syria gained some leverage giving the world a taste of the sabotage it can do in Iraq...I mean I got scared too.


U.S and world community escalate Iran and Syria warnings--->campaign becomes as pretext to war--->Bashar and Ahamdinenajad meet in Damascus--->Bomb in the Middle of 3ashura next day--->Phase one of Iraqi Civil War--->Bush very busy


A bad regime must go down...

Wake up Syrians...Wake up and stop being sheep.

Syria Forever,


Friday, March 10, 2006

Middle East Vision huh? Do you want a Banana nam nam?

God dammit



Look..... Bush may very well be an idiot...but I assume that out of his 40 or so advisors someone's got atleast a sign of cohersivesness or logic.

My million dollar question could you pick Condomleezzaa Rice to be the face of America to the world? Why?

I am not kidding you..everytime I see this creature I get irregular hormone secretions, chemical inbalances in the brain, and blood pumps REAL HARD in my veins...


Despite my sleeping inbalance this past week due to the begining of mating season triggered by the warming up of the weather...I had a good day, a really good day.

Woke up on time, had coffee, a couple of nice phone talks on my way to work...until I walked in and read further into the remarks made by "it"-Darwin's pride and living example- Condomleeza Rice.

We all know that "it" had the audacity to claim that "Iran is America's Greatest Threat!", ignoring that garlic-breathed- midget in North Korea flagging his nuclear weapons, the cartoon look alike, poolstick-lengthed wonderchild of China, who's main party objectives is to "fight imperialist capitalism", and has spend the most as a percentage of income on developing his army out of the whole world, their army is so sophisticated and fast-growing it worried the US so much that they had to send Donald Rumsfeld in a low-profile visit there to strike some deals and "extend friendship"..friendship with the commies, America's Greatest Enemy... "It" also ignored the growing radical socialist parties in Southern America slowly being elected and are cooking dissident movement in the Unites States...and ofcourse, in addition to, ofcourse, the real "greatest threat ever to this adminstration": its failing legacy in Iraq....

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Iran is a direct threat....makes me laugh...but still....It's ok, however I despise "it", I digested its bullshit with a cold Perrier...

On the other butcheek..."It" (Condomleezza) to my surprise said something that I missed..and that is what made me right all this crap today. She said that Iran is not only "America's greatest threat", but also "The biggest obstacle to the Middle East that the U.S wants to see"...

That pissed me off more my ultimate 90's upset, when I was 10 and found out that my favourite singer, George Michael was gay...

Listen to me, you robotic-chimp-looking piece of pig shit...I have many reasons why I don't want to see the Middle East the US envisions, but one of the main reasons is that: If The US wanted to see you as their Foreign Representative, the head of the State Department, then I don't want to see anything else from this Government.

Please take a close look at the picture above.

Now this is the Ultimate Voice and Representation to the world, before this picture, she had 7 layers of foundadadadadadadation, an elaborate hair do, proffessional make up and "image cleaning" techniques to have "its" face prepared...that is from the personal appearance aspect.

From the PR prespective, "it" have been undergoing media training sessions through her publicist and PR staff to teach her how to appeal to the public, and use "politically correct" faces and remarks, and how to deal with all cameras, reporters, interviews and so onn...

The Media side, we all know that proffessional video cameras make an ugly person beutiful...I mean if Paula Abdul and her big ass-mole and joker-jaw Cameron Diaz look good on TV, the my spotless soft ass can compete against Mr. USA on camera...

After all being said, please close one of your eyes as you open the other and read through the following lines..try to imagine the following tragedy:

You are sleeping on your comfortable bed, all cozied up, in the right temperature, and you just had about 11 hours of sleep in a warm feel the warmth of sunshine shining on your face, growing slowly, but enough to awaken you from your deep comforting wake up, but you feel too good to get up immidiately, you look on your right, to change positions and you see THIS FUCKING CHIMP, with her buck-teeth, her possum-eyes, and her hair all over the place looking at you saying: You are my greatest threat, you are not what I want you to be!

What the fuck!

People: Condi looks like this after exhastive make-overs and "retouches" would she look like if you wake her ass up by three or four slaps at 5 in the morning, throw her in a pool, and then grab her out from her hair? Huh?

You stupid sac of shit, how dare you admit in public that you have a "greater Middle East vision?" DO you have a vision you stiff-necked-monkey-ball-licking-Bushbot?

Do you know that the world has more countries with really bad Governments other than Iran-Syria-Sudan? Do you know that your country deals with all those countries that it is not supposed to deal with because they "Infringe Basic Human Right Laws" and are as autocratic and dictatorial?

You deal with Saudi Arabia, the crater of child-ass-hunters...the most dictatorial country in the world...They trade slaves, screw philippinos and little Pattan kids, they don't recognize Israel and preach Jihad against the US 24/7 in their schools, mosques and Universities..BUT NOOOO Saudi is ok, because it gives me nam nam....hmmmmmm

How about Kuwait? Georgia? Uzbekistan? LIBYA? OMAN? QATAR? EGYPT? ISRAEL? Russia?and all those countries? Is it weired that they are really not ripped apart because they are either oil-producing, located in strategic oil pipelines places, or because they are Jews?

I am a pissed off Disobedient Motherfucker... I don't know when people will wake up in the Arab world and depose those stupid regimes and look after theiur countries...I can't wait until we can talk back to this Gorilleezza Rice and all those in this double-faced admins. in the US...

Americans need to read books and news...more than Tom Clancy and cats stranded on electric poles...they need to see the mess this country has caused in the world and start voting accordingly.

Condomleezza Rice needs to eat some shitto Fettucini, and digest it with a 1/2 skimmed Shitte Latte..

Syria Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

The One and Only O.D.M

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women.

Off the regular political topic, but I will talk about it because I am pissed off...

O.D.M just heard yesterday that a beautiful 25 year old was brutally raped and then slaughtered in the streets of NY at 5 am in the morning.

The 5" 6 one hundred pound girl was coming back home at 5 in the morning after a night out very drunk, when another dimented fucking-drunk guy grabbed her by the arm, put her in the car, did what he had to do and then KILLED HER.

My deepest condolonces to the girl and her family, but I have beef.

My beef is with the 20 year old feminism movemen, the idea of Women= Men, and her fucking mama who was out on the radio today saying "Don't pre judge my daughter, she was a good girl, she has every right to drink!"

Now I felt sorry for her mom, but I cursed her Gods and ancestors when she was blabbering on the talk show about how girls are ok to be twsited drunk at 5 am in the morning..FUCK THAT!@!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really sorry, touched and saddened by the death of your daughter old lady...but I will pre judge you poor sad piece of shit...

What the fuck was your daughter doing getting wasted at 5 am? You didn't raise her right! Had she used her judgement she would have been having breakfast with you today.

Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women

The girl who just died, may she rest in peace, did not use this fucking judgement...and this is why she is dead.

I cherish feminsists in the world who demand equality in rights of divorce, employment, opportunities, and suffrage...

But I despise all fucking women "butches" who have implanted the ideas that women can do what men can do in little girls brains like they implant but cheeks those days...

NO..Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women.

I get discusted in the fucking club when I see a drunk girl wasted, out of control.. just bumpin n' grinding with another girl, laughing, making out with guys they don't know, not knowinng what their doing ending up humping anything that looks like a pole... telling their friends the next day " OMG I don't remember what I did! I woke up next to X! I don't know but ammmm...He looked cute in the morning!"


I feel bad for a culture that cherishes sexual freedom, an unstoppable culture spreading across the world....

what the fuck ! If your boobs are dangling, and ur thong is sticking almost as high as your back, and your showing everything with your skirt but your punani, what the fuck do you expect a guy to do? recite Qoran or Buddhist scriptures in his head? Or drop and do 20 push ups to get rid of the ongoing vibe?

Do you not know that there are atleast 100,000 perverts in the club waiting for a moment like that? preying on a girl completly out of control? Do you know how many sick fucks out there are ok with sleeping with a passed out girl? You idiots! guys don't go to a fucking club to go dance with their guy friends and "have a good time!"..they are there to pick you up!

Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women. Men have penises, women have vaginas

Men do not go grinding with other men, but men are horney.

Girls do grind with other girls in a way so bitchy, it makes me is really sexy when you are horney and drunk, but you wouldn't want your mama or your sister to be that drunk ass bitch who doesn't remember shit from the night before and she doesn't know who's or what pole she was porking the night before.

I don't want to be mean or anything, but dig this:

Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women. Men have big feet, women don't..

If a good lookin' guy walks up a crowded street and asks every girl he passes by "will you have sex with me?" He will probably get 77 slaps to the face, 13 kicks to the balls, 4 heel up his ass, and 36 purse-smacks to the forehead. ..and end up jurking off without lotion at home...

On another note, if a girl, however ugly she is, even if she had three boobs and a uni-brow, walks up the street and asks every guy she passes by if he'd have sex with her, she will probably be moaning all night doing every man except by two out of a 100,000, the geek who kept his virgitnity for his pimpled-ass high-school sweet heart, and a gay ass mofo wearing tight leather pants.

Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women..Men grow beards, women don't

Look: guys are horney, they cheat...all of them cheat, and if they don't cheat, they are really thinking about cheating...and if they don't cheat or think about cheating then they have a sick piss or BDSM fetish that they feed through the internet.

We have many instincts since we were cave-men...from coming out with piss from no where everytime we hear water running to getting horney from seeing anything that looks like a camel toe....Your dad cheats, my dad thought about cheating, it is an instinct that remained with males since the cave man's lifelong struggle to breed and satisfy his weenie..

It is not ok for girls to get wasted in the club and let go of honour, innocence, and integrity..

It is not ok for girls to fuck like there is no is not ok for guys to fuck like there's no tomorrow...

What would a guy do if he walks into a restaurant with his woman and 3 guys look at her and tell their friend "daaaaamn I miss that ass, I did her two years was maaaaad"

piss me off..piss me off.....

Women, use your judgement.. you are not men, women are supposed to have sexual self-control, men don't...

DON'T FUCKING ASK ME WHY! no guy would mind getting raped by a girl..In fact guy would brag about being raped by a girl! but girls do, and they make a big deal out of it.....

To men, copulating is no biggie...they don't tie it with honour, integrity or any shit like fact, we show off having a lot of sex with many women...women don't


Women Are Not Men, Men Are Not Women. Homos: not ok, lesbians: maybe

When it comes to sexuality, men are sick...Alas, don't ask, this is how we are born, no matter if we are Muslims, Christians, Mormons, Jews 12ers, atheists, gay, black or pink...

HELL one of the Muslim extremist/terrorist that was in one of the pilots in 9/11 was in a strip club getting it on before he "presumeably" the night before he died in the NAME OF ALLAH!

Women, use your judgement. It saddens me when we have little sisters and we want to tell them how to live, and then think about what to say when they reply "if you do it, we can do it"

No you can't fucking do it...

Who in the world would raise a daughter to be like that?!?

I would warn my daughter and explain to her how important is self-preservation, integrity and pride is..I would talk to her in a very European and civilized manner, WLAK EVEN IN DETAILS.... and warn her of serious consequences from me and God many times....and after that, if my daughter is back home at 3 am drunk I SWEAR TO GOD, I would put her back in a car, drive to the club or her friends house put her, her friends, and their parents on the floor at gun point and make sure I beat them up so hard that scars show up and hurt the next morning....

call me cruel...but pride is a redline


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wasn't there a Harriri Investigation?

Dear intelligent and dumbass readers

I don't know why all of a sudden the issue of Harriri Murder has been out of every body's mind like shit that was just flushed down the toilette..

In February 2005, a couple of days after Harriri was murdered I thought that it would be very hard for anyone to find out who killed him, because such a big operation must have been prepared and well-planned enough to make it realy hard to uncover.


If Syria did it, Mehlis and the world community had to understand that the Syrian Government is only good at two things: Bullshiting, and Assassinating, both talents that made our regime the Creme de La Creme of murderers and the Shit Del La Shit of all other regimes across the world.

Think about it, without a doubt Syria had something to do with the killings of Jmayel, Junblatt Sr., Boulous, Ramzi Irani and late PResident Muawwad.. to name a few in Lebanon ONLY, other than the mosques and church bombings and other murders that instigated more strife and were aimed at political gains.. All of these murders were done as smooth as a little squirt of liquid shit sneaking out of your diarrhea-infected ass when you farting coloring ur tighty-whitie's only and not visible on ur pants. DIG IT: These are murders conducted through known and protected proxies that their mama didn't know about, because if she did, she'd be dead.

Most probably the such murders happen according to the following scenario:

-President Assad summons General X to lunch in his Lattakia Palace and orders his wishes of who he wants dead and how

-General X Summons trustworthy proxy X to lunch in his Qerdaha Villa and orders his wishes of who he wants dead and how

-Trustworthy Proxy kills the target, and most probably gets in a deadly car accident or "shoots himself" in the head 4 times a couple of months later.

Facing such realities, O.D.M thought that this invetigation was going to be a loooooong one, and that the world would find who is really right-Jesus or Muhammad- long before solving this horerendous murder. O.D.M was really pissed off that this regime will get away of yet another murder...and was sticking on top of our asses like Blair sticks to Bush's flat ass.


I started getting mixed vibes, and really believing that syria was involved from the way it is handling started taking a defensive measures. If those Baathists have done everything right in cover up and precautions, they would have assumed the attack position, not defense...

Then I predicted that they will kill Kanaan, and when I heard that he was suicided, everything changed.

Worst than that, WHEN I heard about phone intercepts, and the initial Mehlis report I seriously thought that they may have done something wrong. The final slap that woke me up was when I sniffed more opposition in the inner circle of the regime resulting in the deflection of Khaddam, I knew that the shit did not hit the fan, but struck a jet engine this time and is quickly going to change the equation and the whole Syria situation.

I gave Assad a few months, and was a very happy O.D.M as I immidiately planned my hostile Rawda Palace take-over and picked which of Maher's cars I was going to take, and thought of a catch phrase to say to the public and the media as I assume my Prime Minister know, along the lines of Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.."

Now, consider the following points:

1-The UN Invetigation Team was assigned to find the killers of Late Prime Minister Harriri.

2-The initial report, submitted by Mehlis, already pointed at evidence and links to individuals and members of both the Lebanese and Syrian Government.

3-The initial report, thus, has evidence of "whodunnit"...

4-Therefor, in the International Invetigative Standards, if you have evidence, links and proof beyond reasonable doubt, the invetigation should be over and the findings are to be tested at a court. Be it an international one or not.


5-The game is not over, Brammretz has more questions.

6-You may say that the further questions are to pinpoint more individuals and uncover the bigger circle that was involved in the Harriri killings. Or even, to check who is lying in cross-examination and a prolonged "my word against your word" test.

To those people who respond to the above argument I say: quit reading this blog and consider art critiquing.

I am not trying to be funny, nor exonorating the Syrian regime, which is implicated to its neck in more crimes than Harriri.

I just want to give you facts that the my little 7 year-old cousin in Homs knows by now: This whole invetigation has become a scam, and a stupid political game that is taking Syria and Lebanon into deeper shit.


Because of the following points, and I will counter argue my above numbered points:

1-It is true that the UN team is there to find the Harriri killers but it isn't..I think they did already but are not allowed to implicate no one yet due to a political situation that started with the lack of dialogue between Israel/America and Syrian opposition, more turmoil in Iraq, Hamas victory and Sharon absense in Israel... And do not be surprised if our regime is involved in the sectarian strife in Iraq.

2-If Mehlis had proof and links to implicated people: Why aren't they in jail? Why isn't there an international travel ban or an official UN Security Council resolution asking Syria to extradite the involved ones? AND why isn't that evidence available to the public so I can go get whoever is implicated myself?

3,4, 5 & 6- Cross examination happens in a court of law, if you disagree go ask an educated member of your family, unless they have graduated from Mumbasa School of Law. And IF you think they are waiting to find out the bigger circle of those implicated you have to understand: The Enemy is the Syrian Regime, The U.S, EU, and world community consider any individual link to one Syrian member of the government as a direct order from the Presidency, as Khaddam, initial report, speculation, Miss Cleo, Junblatt and the telephone threats between Assad and Harriri stated.

And, for some of you dumbasses who think that they are waiting to compare "my word against his word" (my word being any Syrian regime member), this is a problem that the judge solves, not Brammertz. Witnesses have already said what they had to say, and Bashar & Co. already denied, that will not change under tense conditions such as cold weather and a bright light to the face. This is not your average "spank the bitch until he confesses" interrogation..Judge uses judgement based on evidence and statements to decide and sentence, it is not Brammertz job.

In simpler terms:

It doesn't take more than a year to solve a murder as big as this. Especially when you say you have solid links and proof.

And if it takes such a long time to do so, given you found even more hardcore stuff since last August: Four jailed Generals confessed to their and Syrian involvement. Phone records of Assad threatening Harriri, Cellphone intercepts of various "Harriri Watchposts", Ghazali pointing Gun at Harriri, Other witnesses including Hussam, Siddik and God knows who talking in detailes of what happened...etc

This leads O.D.M to a couple of scenarios, all of which makes him sick:

The UN Investigation Team is waiting for something.


The UN Invetigation Team was told to wait for something.


Brammertz was Mehlis' boyfriend and is retaliating for being ignored by him and will not finish the Invetigation until him and Mehlis have make-up sex.

Seriously, could someone explain to me why nobody (from the syria) is in jail yet?

If there is evidence, if the crook VP of Syria, if a former Mukhabarat agent and many others confessed (some later pulled out) to Syrian links what is going on?

Don't be so naive Disobedients, don't be sheep that have your curiousity fed by a little UN press release...think of the bigger picture, if your brain capability allows it.

Like I said many times before, this invetsigation was politicized from day one. When everyone was looking forward to get the Baathists. It wasn't about only freeing Lebanon. Dick Cheney, Lubricated Condomleezza Rice, Monkey-Lipped Bush and everybody else said it, We Believe that Syria did it, but are waiting for findings. They have evidence. But there was a little Memo from Tel Aviv "CC"ed to American Government and Brammertz that read:

"Please ease it up on Assad, the situation in here is a volatile and we are not sure about any of his alternatives. Will let you know when to move on"

Syria Forever,