Sunday, July 30, 2006

What are the Saudis Doing with their Money and Arab Ass?

Saudi Arabia Donates More than 6 Million Dollars to LSU (Louisiana State University)

Saudi Arabia Buys more than 5bn Dollars worth of American Weapons and Systems

Saudi Arabian Ruling Government can eat my poop

There was a time when having an oil embargo was an option on the table…

There was a time when people used to look for a Saudi influence in the region…

Seriously, I am mentally constipated, creatively de-motivated, and emotionally disturbed-fuckingdated…

All I can say, is that, Saudi Arabia State of America, the Arab world………

I am speechless, I can’t write anymore….

Thursday, July 20, 2006

No Comment

Little Israeli Bitches Writing a little note to the soon-to-be-dead-Lebanese Girls

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poor Lebanese

What a fucked up situation they are in….

Every year or somebody fucks up their long term plans…whether reaching stability or financial prosperity…

Not too long ago… Syria shakes the country…now Israel is doing the same thing..

I seriously feel bad..

I bet there is a guy called Charbel right now asking himself:

“Why can’t we all go to B.O-18, have a drink and love each other?”

This is not your everyday escalation…

Now, you will see demonstrations in Lebanon against Hizbollah, angering the Shiites for dissing, prompting them to retaliate for offending their Marje3, Sheikh Hassan Nasralla..

God Bless America, and Nobody Else (Except Israel)

Syria Forever

More to follow!